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Sadgamaya Shibir @ VKV Kharsang


Name of the programme


Venue of the programme


Started on

5th  Oct 2017 at 7.30 am

Concluded on

7th  Oct 2017 at 12.30 pm

Inaugural Function

Chief Guest : Shri N. Solting, Station Suppt., APSTC – Miao

Valedictory Function

Chief Guest : Shri P. Kanmai, BEO & BRCC – Miao

Guest Of Honour : Shri Bijay Bahadur Gupta , CRC-Kharsang


Highlights of Shri N. Solting’s  speech




He said the students that you all are future citizens of this Great Nation and need to work hard with dedication to make this nation a JAGAT GURU.

Asked the participants to be sincere and attentive during the camp so that they can inculcate all the good qualities to develop themselves.

Highlights of Shri P. Kanmai ’s speech

Appreciated VKVs  for their contribution to the Arunachali society.

Appealed all the participants to be a good citizen and a better human being.

Highlights of Shri Bijay Bahadur Gupta’s speech

Praised all the participants for attending the Shibir.

Appealed all the participants to preserve their valuable culture.

Asked the students to inculcate all the moral values which are taught to them in this camp.

He also explained the meaning of SADGAMAYA.

Attendance details of participants

BOYS  = 31 nos.

GIRLS = 25 nos.

Attendance of parents in the Valedictory programme

19 parents and 10 teachers of VKV-Kharsang

56 Participants from five schools

Few feedbacks from students/parents/chief guest/well wishers

 Parents: Program was very good and the arrangements for the participants were nice.

Students: All the participants were very happy with the new type of experiences which they got during the camp. Many shared their experiences and said that they liked yoga and other sessions.

Unique feature

All the participants were punctual and reached to the prayer hall before 5 minutes.

No one fell sick during the whole camp.

Appreciated VKVs for conducting such camps to give the moral lessons the students.



 Run for Brotherhood – A Marathon @ VKV Kharsang

On dated: 11th September 2017, the Universal Brotherhood day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The MARATHON – Run for Brotherhood was organised at Kharsang to generate the feeling of brotherhood among the society and students, who are the future generation of our country. At 6 a.m., the Flag off for marathon is done by the Principal, VKV-Kharsang. It is conducted from VKV-Kharsang to K B Hospital and back to school, which is approximately 05 kms. The total number of 69 participants from 4 schools participated in this competition.

Universal Brotherhood Day celebration

Chief Guest

Shri R.Murali, Deputy General Manager, GeoEnpro Petroleum Ltd. Kharsang.

Attendance details











School Supporting Group Members






Family members of the staff






Working agenda of the programme

Ø  Lighting the Lamp

Ø  Invocation

Ø  Welcome Address and Importance of the day by Principal

Ø  Information and explanation regarding SBI collect by Principal

Ø  Felicitation of Chief Guest

Ø  English Drama on Tangsa folk tale

Ø  Chicago Address by Kr.Gumli Romin

Ø  Incident from Swami’s life in Hindi

Ø  Patriotic dance by the students of Cl-V

Ø  Incident from Man. Eknathji’s life

Ø  Patriotic Action song by Class- I & II

Ø  Traditional drama on Wangcho folk tale

Ø  Prize distribution of MARATHON

Ø  Address by Chief Guest

Ø  Mungray Traditional Dance by the students of Class-X

Ø  Vote of Thanks

Ø  Shanti Mantra

Ø  Vote of Thanks

Ø  Shanti Mantra

Few  feedbacks from  parents

·        Parents expressed their happiness and appreciated the performances of the students

·        Wonderful anchoring by students of Cl.IX is appreciated by all.

Write in few lines the unique feature, if any, of the programme

·        Most of the dramas are written and directed by the students of Cl.X

·        Traditional dance of Mungray community is directed by the youths of Chingsa from Rangfra temple.

Matri Puja 2017 at VKV Kharsang

On dated: 23rd Feb 2017, VKV-kharsang conducted the Matri Puja for the students and parents of class-X. At 10.30 am., Class-X students received thier mothers / fathers to the prayer hall after washing the feets of their parents. It was noticed that such an holy task was done by the students for the first time in the thier life and it could touch their heart. Out of 42 students a total number of 37 parents of 30 students turned out in which 30 were mothers and 07 were fathers.  

All the parents offered flowers in the front of BHARAT MATA and SWAMI VIVEKNANDA and then they were taken to the prayer hall after the Tilak. Sri Anup Yadav started the programme with innvocation followed by the Welcome address from Shri Shyamal Chakraborty, Principal, VKV-Kharsang. He also introduced Shri R.Krishnakumarji, Member, VKVsAPT to the parents and the students.

After this, Shri R.Krishnakumarji  spoke to the participants about the significance of the Matri Puja. In his elaborate speech he explained the role of a mother for the growth of a child with some interesting facts and stories from the life of Adi Guru Sankaracharya.

It was followed by the deliveration of instructions from Shri R. Krishnakumarji for beginning of Matri Puja. The complete puja was conducted as per the guidelines issued by VKVsAPT. The whole procedure of puja was performed by the parents and students from the inner-core of their heart, which was visible from their facial appearances.

Now it was the time for listenning the feedbacks from the students and parents. Most of the students said that it was a wonderful experience for them and for the first time they could understand the sacfrices of their parents for the colurful future of them. During their talk it was noticed that the eye were wet and were lacking words to express their deep feelings.

One of the parents shared her experiences and appraised the VKVs for organising such a value-based programme for the development of parent – child relationship in the society.The programme was concluded with Vote of thanks followed by Shanti Mantra at 12.50 pm.


On 5/12/2016 5 boys and 5 girls with two escort teachers started their journey for IIT-BHUBNESHWAR under the ISHAN VIKAS SCHEME of MHRD, Govt of India.
The team reached their destination on 6th Dec

On 7/1/2016 at 10 O'Clock , the programme was inaugurated by Dr.  M. V. Raja Kumar, Director, IIT-BHUBNESHWAR . The programme was unique in itself because of various sessions / routine.

They came back to Kharsang on dated: 22/12/2016 , with lots of remarkable memories , self confidence and new dreams to perform well for entry in IIT.