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                                                 SADHANA  DIVAS CELEBRATIONS                                                                             



PARTICIPATION:  Students: 211

                              Teachers: 23

ACTIVITIES:1.Lighting The Lamp & Offering Flower to Eknath Ji’s Portrait by  Sri Prasant  Puzari(TIC). Mangalacharan by Students.

                   2. Tribute through Song by Students of Class-VI.

                   3. Speech on Eknath Ji’s Life & Works by Sri Badri Narayan Mishra (AT)

                   4.Bhajan by :Students of ClassVII

                   5. Handwriting , Drawing & Essay writing  Competition conducted for Students.

Children’s Day Celebration & Food Festival,Handy craft Exhibition

Chief Guest      :     Sri Arup Sharma  (HOP,RHEP,NEEPCO)

Guest of Hon    :    Sri Bijit Goswami (DGM,RHEP,NEEPCO)

Guests              :    Sri Malay Mishra (Manager,RHEP,NEEPCO0)

                            SriManas Biswas (Manager,RHEP NEEPCO)

                            Sri Mohan Kumar (Manager,RHEP NEEPCO)

                            Sri Anand Mohan Mishra (Cluster In-Charge VKV)

Students          : 436

Parents            : 133

Teachers & Staff : 32


1.Mangalacharan by  students. Lighting the Lamp & Offering flower to the portrait of Chacha Neheru  by  The Chief Guest.

2.Felicitation to the  Guests By  Smt Rita Raj , Principal of the School.

3.Welcome  Speech by The Principal

4.Welcome Song by  The Students of the school.

5.Inauguration of School Wall Magazine by  The Chief Guest . The Magazine was prepared by Class VI Students.

6.Inauguration of School Science Club Magazine by The Chief Guest. The Magazine was prepared by the members of School Science Club.

7.Speech by The Chief Guest.

8.Food Festival  The Students & Local women were Preparing & selling various delicious food items . Large number of people gathered & tasted the traditional food items.

9.Exhibition of Craft works :The Exhibition stall was inaugurated by the Chief Guest .The student of different classes prepared so many beautiful items. Sold the prepared items to the visitors.














Sardar Ballabh bhai Patel’s 142nd Birth Day Celebrated in our school on 31st october

Activities Conducted

1. Special Assembly & homage : By the Students of different Classes , teachers & others staffs.

2. Speech by : Sri Roshan Gurung(AT) focused on Ballabh Bhai’s life & contribution to the nation.

3. ‘Run for Unity’ :  A road race competition has been organised by the School  at the NEEPCO Campus.


During Assembly all the 30 teachers & 471 Students.

During road race 12 teachers,  153 Boys, 107 Girls  Participated  in the race .


Sadgamaya Shibir @ VKV Yazali

Programme : Sadgamaya Shivir(One Day Personality Development Camp)

Conducted by : VKV, NEEPCO, Yazali

Date & Time : 3rd October, 2017    9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Chief Guest : Sri Arup Kumar Sharma (HOP, NEEPCO, RHEP)

Guest of Honour : Sri Mohan Kumhar( Senior Manager ,NEEPCO,RHEP)

Participation  :  65 students( Boys 32 & Girls 33) from 3 different Schools Viz Abotani Academy(Peni),Bath Heli Memorial   Academy(Yazali) & Government Secondary School(Pitapool). 



















Inauguration :

                      1.Lighting the Lamp & Shanti Path by : The Chief Guest &   The Students of VKV ,NEEPCO,Yazali.

                      2.Welcome Speech by : Sri T.M. Sathian , Vice Principal, VKV, NEEPCO, Yazali.

                      3.Falicitation to the Guests by : The Vice Principal, VKV, Yazali.

                      4.Speech by : The Guest of Honour .

                      5.Speech by : The Chief Guest.

                      6.Shivir Geet by : Sri Chayan Sarkar(Teacher ,VKV Yazali) with the participating students of various


                     7. Vote of Thanks by : Sri Ramendra Prasad Tiwari(Teacher,VKV, Yazali).

Sessions :

                     1.Topic-‘Swami Vivekananda & Vivekananda Kendra’ ,by : Sri Badri Narain Mishra(Teacher,VKV Yazali).

                     2.Topic-‘Personality Development & Key to success ’ , by : Sri Prashanta Puzari(Teacher,VKV Yazali).

                     3. Topic-‘My Role as a Student’ , by : Sri DhrubaJyoti Nath(Teacher,VKV Yazali).

                     4. Audio Visual Programme by : Sri Anupam Dey & Sri Pintoo Debnath(Teachers ,VKV Yazali).

Valedictory :

                  1.Shivir Geet by: The Participating Students.

                    2.Felicitation to the Escort Teachers from invited Schools by : The Vice Principal,VKV Yazali.

                    3. Experience Sharing by : The Participating Students.

                    4.Concluding Speech by : The Vice Principal,VKV Yazali.

                    5. Concluded with ‘Shanti Mantra’ by : All.             

Birth  Centenary  Celebration  of Pandit Deen Dayal Uapadyay

PROGRAMME : Birth  Centenary  Celebration  of Pandit Deen Dayal Uapadyay

Organized by : NEEPCO &  VKV Yazali

DATE : 2 September, 2017 , 15 September,2017 Prize Distribution .

VENUE: VKV , NEEPCO, Yazali Campus.

PARTICIPATION :  400 Student .

GUEST :  Sri Mohan Kumar(Sr. Manager, Electrical ) & Sri Saugato  Das(Sr. Manager,HR)

Activities :  Students of Primary to H.S. Level participated  in Essay Writing, Handwriting  &

                     Drawing Competition. Total 30 Student won Prizes .