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Guru Purnima Celebration - VKV Balijan

VKV Balijan celebrated Guru Purnima on 16th July 2019. Three activities organised in school.

  1. Sri J P Mishra delivered speech on the importance of Day during “Guru Vandana” Program conducted by Class X Students for all teachers and students. Class X students decorated the prayer hall with rangoli at entrance gate, banner and invited all students from cl. I to IX during 5th period. They welcomed all teachers with Arathi and tika at entrance and made them to sit in front of all students. They started program with invocation followed with welcome address. Four students expressed their views on the importance of Guru, their advices and blessings with examples in student’s life. They asked all students to get blessings from all teachers with Namaskar mudra and touching feet. Lastly they expressed their gratitude in vote of thanks and concluded program with santhi path. Sweets were distributed to all. 360 students, 14 teachers, 2 non-teaching staff attended the program.
  2. Self composed Guru bhajan competition conducted housewise after evening prayer. 25 students (cl. V to X) from each house participated in it.
  3. House wise Drama competition conducted on theme “GURU” after evening prayer. All four houses enthusiastically expressed their deep love towards Guru’s devotion to bring change in society. 180 Hostellers, 9 teachers, 3 wardens, 2 non-teaching staff attended the program.


VKV Balijan organized Sargam Camp 2019 for the selected students of VKVs, Nirjuli, Itanagar, Seijosa, Vivek Vihar , Balijan, PTC Banderdewa and Nivedita Vihar from 21st June to 24 June 2019. As per the schedule, inaugural ceremony conducted on 21st June 2019 at 9.30am in the prayer hall wherein all the above mentioned VKVs were present. Sri. T.M. Sathian, Principal VKV Balijan formally welcomed all the students, escorts and resource persons of  various VKVs.  Sri. Krishnakumar, Member VKVAPT, in his address, briefed the significance of the Sargam Camp every year in VKVs.

Highlights of the Camp:

  • Total number of participants were 44. (Students – 32, Co-ordinator – 1, Resource Persons - 5, and Escorts – 6)
  • Altogether, 4 sessions were conducted in a day, with nearly 2 hours duration of each.
  • There is no iota of doubt that this year’s camp also made a point to impart proper pronunciation while chanting hymns and prayer, learning new  bhajans andpatriotic songs with instruments
  • Camp participants were made available to use maximum time.
  • Ensured to sing at least one bhajan by the camp participants during the evening prayer.
  • To ensure more perfection in morning assembly in every VKV, Camp participants were asked to lead the School Assembly Prayer at VKV Balijan during the camp.
  • Resource Persons of Sargam Camp was also used to teach the patriotic songs to the students of Class VI - IX of VKV Balijan during the camp.
  • Initiative is taken by Sri. Krishnakumar to conduct a swadhyaya for teaching staffs on ‘Kendra Prayer and its meaning.’
  • Sri. Krishnakumar, Member VKV APT conducted the entire activity right from beginning of the camp, besides acting as one of the resource  person.
  • Chayan Sarkar from VKV NEEPCO Yazali, Sri. Rishi Kr.Das from VKV Roing,
  • Sri.  Mangesh Bhurse from VKV Sher, Su. Kashmiri Kakoti from VKV Tofragam and Smt. Anjali Das of VKV Balijan  were adjusted as the Resource Persons. All the Resource Persons put together their best efforts to bring out a fruitful  results in regards  of creating a devotional atmosphere in the prayer hall of their respective schools.
  • Lastly, Valedictory Function of the Sargam Camp 2019 was held on 24th June 2019 at 3.30 pm in the School Prayer Hall wherein Sri. M.N. Tamo , EAC Balijan (also the Ex-VKV Balijan) graced the occasion as Chief Guest.


VKV Balijan celebrated International Yoga Day on 21 June 2019 at 7am by conducting various yogasanas including Suryanamaskar.  Both the Hostellers and Day Scholars consists of 360 students, all Sargam Camp participants, Resource persons and escort teachers and the Staffs of VKV Balijan actively performed various  asanas after the morning assembly.

Inaugural function of Sargam Camp 2019 @ VKV Balijan

Inaugural function of Sargam Camp 2019 conducted in VKV Balijan on 21/06/2019 at 9.30am in the school prayer hall. The camp is scheduled to continue from 21st June to 24th June 2019.

While addressing the camp participants, Sri. Krishna Kumar, Member VKVAPT briefed them the significance of the Sragam Camp conducted by VKV APT in every year.

Following VKVs are participating this years’ sargam camp in VKV Balijan.

  1. VKV Seijosa
  2. VKV Nivedita Vihar
  3. VKV Nirjuli
  4. VKV Itanagar
  5. VKV Balijan
  6. VKV Vivek Vihar
  7. VKV Banderdewa
  8. VKV Dollungmukh ( Yet to report)

Environment Day Observed - VKV Balijan

VKV Balijan observed Environment Day by conducting various activities on 5th June 2019 in and around school campus.  In the morning session, nearly 100 saplings planted in the school campus by the hostellers and staff members together.  On the occasion of Environment Day, a street play competition was organized in house wise in the school.  In addition of these, to spread the message of “Save Environment,  Save Life” , a group of students were taken to Balijan town to perform a street play.  I am glad to inform you that they all won the hearts of everybody. 

Sri. Amitava Mondal, Science Teacher while addressing the students in the evening prayer, throw a light on the importance of celebrating environment day, in one’s life.