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National Children Science Congress participation

NCSC held on 26/10/2017 at Doimukh higher secondary school. Two teams participated from our school cl-IX and X.
First team members: Topic : Food and Agriculture
1.Kum Tarh Mala (Group leader)
2. Kum Charu Menia
3. Kum. Onam Maga
4. Kum. Tame Anam
Second team members: Topic :- Health and hygiene
1. Kum. Gyamar Anu(Group leader)
2.Kum Tok Yallam
3. Kum Tana Jumse
4. Kum. Tana Jernia
Teacher coordinator: Smt. Pushpalata Nagarale and Escort by Sri Amitava Mondal and Su. Amken Gohain. The presentation of our school was very good and appreciated by hon'able Chief Guest.

Sadgamaya Shibir

Personal Development Camp was organized in school from 2nd October to 5th October 2017. Students from nearby Govt. Schools participated in it. There were 43 students of five schools (Govt. Higher Secondary Schools =14, Govt. Middle School, Lanka=12, Mahatma Gandhi Middle School Dufflagarh = 14, Govt. Middle School, Taraso = 01, V.K.V, Balijan= 02) attended the camp. After evening prayer, all the students were given chance to introduce themselves. Further, they were divided into three groups- Lohit, Siang and Subansiri.

Next day morning onwards, daily routine started with wake up at 5 am, pratahsmaran and yoga. All the students assembled at 8.30 for sessions. There were following sessions taken by senior teachers.

A.K Mishra sir took sessions on ‘Vivekananda Kendra’ ‘Motivational and Inspirational Stories and facts’. Sri Kusha Tanti sir inspired students on ‘carrier guidance and cancelling’ in his 2nd session. Sri Balasaheb Nagarale sir motivated students to build their personality in different fields like Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual. Smt Bijoya Pegu didi delivered a session on Personality Development as a girl child.

Students were given opportunities to present their views through group discussions on various topics like- Students role in Society, Importance of Study, Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile and internet, Importance of Library etc by Sri Sanjit Bhadury and Su Amken Gohain. Even they were given training through craft session, Sc. Laboratory and Library Utilization by Smt Bindu Paul, Smt Pushpalate Nagarale and Su Bulti Som. Moreover, students participated actively in prayer, games and sports, happy assembly under guidance of Su Jumpi Lona, Smt Anjali Das & Su Amken Gohain.

For valedictory function, Smt Taba Nampo- School Supporting Group Member and Public Leader of Balijan was invited as a chief guest. There were 10 teachers, 4 non- teaching staff and 43 students present in the function. Six students presented their camp experience in which they felt fortunate to participate and learned during this camp. Taba madam motivated and inspired the students to carry forward whatever they have learned through this camp and share the ideas to their friends. All the students departed to their respective schools by 11.30 am on 5th October’17.

Report of Universal Brotherhood Day

                The Universal Brotherhood Day celebration was graced by the CO of Tarraso, Shri Rome Mele, who is the alumni of VKV Roing and Jairampur. Near about 400 people (parents) were present in the programme. The programme started by 10:30am with invocation prayer. The welcome address was given by the Principal and the significance of the Day was delivered by Shri AK Mishra. 

                The Chief Guest shared his experienced as an ex-vkvian with the audience. He advice the students to utilize the golden opportunity of being a student of VKV.  The students presented a very colorful cultural programme and the programme concluded with shanty mantra.

Report of Guru Purnima

        Guru Purnima was observed on 9th July 2017. Shri Ashok Kr. Mishra spoke in the Morning Prayer on the occasion. Student showed their respect and love toward teacher during evening prayer. Student decorated the hall with rangoli and posters.

        Ammaji, trainer of Chinmaya Mission graced the occasion as guest lecture. She gave detailed information on Guru Parampara from Ved Vyasa she chanted few Vedic hymns and cleared the meaning.

        After her speech, school captain and school vice captain invited all teachers to seat in front and all students turn-wise in line came forward to touch the feet of all and sought blessings. House wise Guru Bhajan Competition was held wherein all groups used all musical instruments for Bhajan. Total 190 students, 13 teachers and family holder attended the program.

Report of Dree Festival

Dree festival celebrated in school campus on 5th July 2017. Smt. Shanthi Manoharan, Principal gave a speech on the importance of Dree in the Morning Prayer. Class IX students’ prepared local dishes in mess for Dree. Kum. Techi Ami of class X spoke about Dree. After evening prayer, house-wise local dance competition was organized for classes III to V. they participated enthusiastically for their house. After Dance competition all teachers and students enjoyed ‘Damin Da’. Total 194 students and 13 teachers with family holders attended the program.