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PT Teachers Orientation Camp Observed - VKV Balijan 

The camp was held from 23rd to 25th June 2019 at VKV Oyan. I attended the camp as participant from VKV Balijan. In the camp we were asked to achieve some targets. Few points has been given to us to apply in our respective schools. I want to mention the points which have been achieved and which are undergoing.

  1. The copies of PHE guidelines and all the necessary details for physical efficiency test have been done.
  2. 1 hour orientation programme for teachers will be conducted after mid-vacation.
  3. Weekly, Monthly &Yearly plan has been prepared.
  4. Conducting physical efficiency test and uploading the data in “Khelo india” site is under process.
  5. Training for all the students in Military Drill and Kendra Drill are done.
  6. All the practices like 3times Bharat Mata Ki Jay, 3 times Vande Mataram and Visharjan with Jai Hind, command in clear and loud voice, singing of National Anthem with School Band in school Assembly are going on.
  7. Training the students in Mass PT/ Dumbbells/ Lezim/ Mass Suryanamaskar is going on.
  8. Physical efficiency test is under process.
  9. Interacting with students in English is followed to improve spoken English.
  10. Planning SEWA project in consultation with the class teachers of IX & X is already done.