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Library Week Conducted - VKV Balijan

Library Week was observed in Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Balijan from 19th Nov’19 to 26th Nov’19. In this one week program, so many activities were conducted in our school. The activities were like- Book Review and Story Telling in the Assembly by some selected students, story writing competition for class III, IV and V, Library Scavenger Hunt completion for class VI and VII, Library poster competition for class VIII, students pick book display for class IX and X. So in this report, I am going to give a detail about all the activities that were conducted during this one week. 

19-11-2019: Book Review was told by Darling Loya of class IX In the assembly and magazines were displayed in the front open space of our school.

20-11-2019: On that day, a moral story was told by Liza Sikom of class V and G.K questions were asked by Mekam Yangfo of class IX. Those questions were related to only Library and Books of our Library. Questions were given by the Librarian.

21-11-2019: Book Review was told by Tadar Amji of class IX and G.K questions were asked by Rigio Bani of class VIII. On that day, there was a poster design competition for promoting the school Library was conducted. This was only for the class VIII.

22-11-2019: A Moral Story was told by Teli Makin of class V and G.K questions were asked by Ananya Rigia of class VIII. On that day, there was a Book Display in the Library which was students’ favorite book. Along with the book, there was also a small note about why they liked it and why others should read it. This was conducted for class IX and X.

23-11-2019: On that day, Book Review was told by Pachi Yatang of class IX and G.K questions were asked by Phil Sara of class VIII. There was a book display in the library which was staff’s favorite book. They also kept a note about that chosen particular book. 

25-11-2019: That day, G.K was asked by Tok Onam of class X. There was a moral story writing competition for class III, IV and V. There was also another activity that called ‘Library Scavenger Hunt’ for class VI and VII. In this activity, some interesting questions related to Library or any book of Library was asked to the students and the students who have given the correct answers, they were the winners.

26-11-2019: It was the last day of the Library week. That day, our Principal Sri T.M Sathian sir announced all the names of the winners of different activities that were conducted in the Library week and also the name of the students who have donated books to library.Like this, the program was finished successfully and all the students as well as the staff members fully co-operated to conduct and organize all the activities. So, I hope they will utilize the Library like this in future also.


NHPC STATE LEVEL-consolation prize- Kr. Loki Dada, VKV Banderdewa
NHPC STATE LEVEL-1ST PRIZE Kr Chuki Teji, VKV Banderdewa