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Guru Purnima Celebrated - VKV Itanagar

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Itanagar observed the 'Guru Purnima' on 5/07/2020 at Eknathji Centenary Bhavan. The program began at 10:00 am with the invocation of almighty followed by the lightning of the lamp by the teachers.

The following activities were involved in the programme.

  1. Guru Bhajan lead and follow.
  2. Significance of the day by the Principal Dr. Kakade Rajendra Chhagan.
  3. Swadhaya on following given points. 
  • जीवन में समस्याएँ क्यों आती है!
  • चेतना से क्या तात्पर्य है!
  • आपके परिवार मे ऐसी कौनसी परम्परायें है जो बच्चों को संकेत देती है कि चराचर दिव्य है!
  • गुरुपौर्णिमा महोत्सव के आयोजन के क्या प्रयोजन है?

 Teachers & students of the campus have shared their opinions on given points & finally, it was concluded by the principal. All the residential teachers, family members & students have attended the program. 

Webinar On  “NEW ERA OF LEARNING” Observed - VKV Itanagar


The resource Persons were Mr. Priyam Saxena, Mayank Puroshattam, Mr. Manish. We were intimated accordingly one day earlier by Sri. Ravikant Altekar Sir. I attended this webinar online. More than 20 staff members from VKV were online.

Their mission were to embrace the pursuit of excellence both inside and outside the classroom. In their Webinar, they were going to launch their new product “NOVATION ACADEMY” an e-learning platform for schools/Institute along with highlighting points related to Artificial Intelligence in education, e-learning teaching and learning and so on. An amazing Platform for the students to get access to multiple courses and develop skills for a better future. This webinar is a gateway to a new era for learning which is based on Artificial Intelligence   and as its 100% LIVE.

It was very valuable webinar discussed on-

  1. The use of Artificial Intelligence in daily School Academics.
  2. The use of Artificial Intelligence in management and administration of School.
  • This webinar projected the new way of lesson Plan, all Examinations except board exams, security points with respect to Students, Parents and teachers.
  1. It highlighted the use of e- Learning and learning management system(LMS)


It was very fruitful and Informative Session described a lot .There will be many challenges in Education System we have to face in immediate future and it indicated a lot of drastic changes are going to take place with the beginning of this Academic year itself in post Corona Era.

Varshant Samaroh Conducted - VKV Itanagar

The Varshant Samaroh was performed in the Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Itanagar on 5th March 2020 for Class I to IV and VI to XI students separately. 450 students attended it to get inspiration and blessing of the teachers as they are going to appear in the examination. Shri. Harinath Upadhyay performed Puja in accordance with the given guidelines. Dr. Kakade Rajendra Chhagan Principal delivered a inspiring speech that would have a great effect on the students to prepare for their examination. The programme came to an end with Santimantra & offering Namaskar to the portrait of godesses Saraswati

Parents Meet Conducted - VKV Itangar

Parents and students meeting of Class X and XII were organized on the occasion of distribution of their admit card at 09:00 am. All the parents of Class X and XII (Science and Humanities) were invited to attend the meeting. There were total 130 parents and 141 students were present from both the classes. The programme was started with a small pooja followed by welcome address by principal. After the welcome address and experience sharing from the students of Class XII Science and Humanities were there and finally the distribution of the admit card was taken place.

Matru Puja

 Dated on: 6th Feb 2020::: VKV Itanagar conducted the Matru Puja for the students and parents of Class-X. At 3.00 pm. Class-X students received their mothers / fathers to the prayer hall after washing the feets of their parents. It was noticed that such an holy task was done by the students for the first time in the thier life and it could touch their heart. Out of 70 students a total number of 48 parents of 48 students were present. 

 All the parents offered flowers in front of OM and then they were taken to the prayer hall after the Tilak. Shri. Pankaj Kumar started the programme with invocation followed by the Welcome address from Dr. Kakade Rajendra Chhagan , Principal, VKV- Itanagar. He also introduced Ms. Kharmu Chotten Legal Advisor, State Women Commission (VKV Alumna), Shri. Giamde Tamin Secretary General VKV Alumani Association, Shri. S. C. Dixit, Education Officer VKV APT 

 After this, Shri. S. C. Dixit spoke to the participants about the significance of the Matru Puja. In his elaborative speech he explained the role of a mother for the growth of a child with some interesting facts. Ms. Kharmu Chotten also shared her nostalgic experience of VKV routine. 

 It was followed by the instructions from Shri. J. P. Mishra for beginning of Matru Puja. The complete puja was conducted as per the guidelines. The whole procedure of puja was performed by the parents and students from the inner-core of their heart, which was visible from their facial expression. 

 At the end of Puja, We received heart melting feedbacks from the parents and students. Most of the students said that it was a wonderful experience for them and for the first time they could understand the sacfrices of their parents for the colourful future of them. During their talk it was noticed that the eye were wet and were lacking words to express their deep feelings.

 The whole decoration of the prayer hall was done by Shri. Harinath Upadhyaya.