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Prachodaya Shibir Conducted - VKV Itanagar

The Prachodaya Shibir 2019-20 for class VIII high achievers of VKV Itanagar was held at VKV Itanagar of the year 2017 – 18 and 2018-19. There were 25 students out of which 14 Girls and 11 Boys. The Shibir has the following sessions.

Session I:- Inauguration

  1. Mangalacharan by Class XII Girls.
  2. Welcome Address and Objective of the Shibir by Principal VKV Itanagar.
  3. Felicitation of the Chief Guest and Guest of Honor.
  4. Speech by Chief Guest Shri. Karbia Dodum (Joint Director Sangey Laden Sports Academy). He spoke on his schooling in VKV’s. He shares his experiences of his school life which gave him values, moral lesson and spiritual thoughts.
  5. Speech by Guest to Honor. In his speech the following points are highlighted.
  6. How to create positive Thinking
  7. How to be happy
  8. How to become grateful.
  9. To co operate  with others
  10. Vote of Thanks by Smt. Shilpi Das Gupta.

Session II:- Motivational Video by Shri. Patil Pankaj Balasaheb

  1. Motivational Video of Nick Vujicic.

The way he inspires the people by his speech was noteworthy. We have may excuses in life for every task which is assigned to us by destiny. He overcomes from every problem even though he born without limbs. 

  1. A Hindi Poem by Amitabh Bachchan.

To uplift ourselves in every situations.

  1. Self confidence building  by Gaur Gopal Das

With small anecdotal expression he proved, How to be the self confident? 

  1. Ambidextrous Students of India.

The video was consists of message of ability to write with both hands very skillfully which help them to sharpen their skills of learning.  

Session III: - Geet Session

  1. A Patriotic Song practiced and meaning of the song explain by Principal VKV Itanagar. (Rashtriya ki jai chetana ka…..)

Session IV:- Group Discussion by Shri. Sumant Kumar

Total 25 students were there and they were divided into 5 groups and 2 topics were given to them:-

Topic – 1 – Meaning of Shibir Geet and Topic – 2 – Contribution of India in Science

After discussion of both Topics leaders of each group presented and shared their views which are following.

  1. Explained the meaning of 1st stanza of the Shibir Geet. ie
  2. Discovery of Zero
  3. Ary Bhatta Contribution
  4. Launching of Chandrayan I and II
  5. Iron Pillar of New Delhi
  6. Panch Tatwa
  7. Regarding Contribution of A P J Abdul Kalam
  8. Tipu Sultan sward carbon steal etc.,

Session V: - Kendra Ideology by Dr. Kakade Rajendra Chhagan

Session VI:- Valedictory function