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Bhoomi Puja For New Primary Building - VKV Itanagar

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Itanagar laid foundation stone (Bhoomi Pujan) on 4th November 2019 for new primary building site construction in indigenous faith ritual known as "Sichit Aane". Nyadar Namlo society had taken initiative to perform the ritual in which the priest chanted hymns to seek permission & forgiveness from mother earth to our actions that disturb the equilibrium of mother earth.  Then the priests appeased the mother earth with their hymns to nullify the bad effects & bring positive energy & blessings to all the school environment. The mere purpose of the building is for welfare of society.

The following members witnessed the whole process of ritual.

  1. Kabak Dokhuni, Chairman NNLI 
  2. Karling Singhie, NAMLO) 
  3. Shri Khashung Yangfo, Secretary NNLI
  4. T. Odang Bengia, Secretary Namlo
  5. Sangha Asha
  6. Charu Revi Tassar, AG Namlo
  7. Mepung Pangia, C/S Namlo
  8. Biri Yalik, Chairmen, School Supporting Group
  9. Yapung Dolo, Chairperson W/wing NIFCS
  10. Sri Karma Dolo, Member SSG
  11. Sri Tarh Taigh
  12. Tacho Ligu
  13. Sri Tadam Ligu, Member SSG
  14. Sri Rigio Tada
  15. Aparna Palkar, Secretary VKVAPT
  16. Pratibha Kulkarni, Office Secretary VKVAPT
  17. Sri Rupesh Mathur, Joint Secretary
  18. Sri SC Dixit, EO VKVAPT Member
  19. Kakade Rajendra Chhagan, Principal
  20. Sri Sukum Ngadong, Engineer