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District Level Science Exhibition Observed - VKV Itanagar

In the District Level Science Exhibition 2019 there were six modals from different school of Capital Complex Itanagar, out of that VKV Itanagar grabbed the First Position and will represent the District into the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Our modals was on the topic of sustainable development under the sub-theme resource management where the participants Km. Santoshi Dhanaji Bhendavadekar and Km. Trishna Sharma of Class XI Sc. came up with a new idea of disposing the plastic and converting it into the manure, solar car with vacuum cleaner and Piezoelectric transducer, solar train which was guided by Sri Sumant Kumar.

The Piezoelectric transducer is an electroacoustic transducer used for conversion of pressure or mechanical stress into an alternating electrical force. The piezo transducer converts physical quantity into an electrical voltage which is easily measured by analogue and digital meter. This can be implemented in the footpaths, parks, spot courts and the area have more physical movement.

Multipurpose solar car is an advance version of solar car which is also works as a road cleaner