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Sadhana Diwas Celebrated - VKV Jairampur

 In the morning School Assembly, Sri Satya Narayan Pandey, Sanskrit Teacher, spoke in detail on the Life sketch of Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade, highlighting and mentioning about the struggles and difficulties faced by the Founder President on the erection of the great Vivekananda Rock Memorial amidst great opposition which later turned into stepping stones of success.

The morning after the speech the students of Classes X, XI and XII and the teachers offered floral tribute to this great soul of our Motherland.

 In the evening, after prayer, a Swadhyaya was conducted in the prayer Hall. The discussion was based on the topic / article sent by Maa. Nivedita Didi, Vice-President, Vivekananda Kendra.

 The following points were discussed:

  1. We are Karyakartas, having greater responsibilities to fulfill the dreams of Eknathji.
  2. Whatever work assigned to us must be performed excellently enhancing our individual quality as well as capacity.
  3. We must try to bring people under our fold with our glorified ideology to get committed Karyakartas.
  4. Challenges are our way to reach our destination.
  5. Formation of team and proper functioning of it are two important responsibilities of Karyakartas.



Universal brotherhood day was celebrated in our school prayer hall with great pomp and glory.

Dignitaries present: Hon’ble ADC Jairampur, Sri Ibom Tao, 

Sri P.M. Unnikrishnan, EO, VKVAPT,  Sri P. Ajaya Kumar, CIC

Attendees: (i) All the teaching and non-teaching Staff with their children.         

          (ii) The students from Classes V to XII through Google Meet.

The programme began with Mangala Charan followed by Welcome Address given by Sri P.M. Unnikrishnan sir.

After welcoming the Chief Guest and others, Sri P.M. Unnikrishnan sir highlighted the significance of the day.

  • He mentioned the historical perspective of the speech of Swami Vivekananda in the World’s Parliament of Religions at Chicago.
  • Highlighted the essence of the speech- the idea of inclusiveness.
  • Touched the spirit of our culture, a living as well as a progressive one with the concepts of Addition, deletion and modification.

The Hon’ble Chief Guest was felicitated by Sri P. Ajaya Kumar, CIC.

Then the august assembly witnessed Kr. VINEET KUMAR of Class-IX delivering the historic Chicago address.

It was followed by a patriotic song sung by a team of teachers.

In his speech addressing the assembly, the Chief Guest highlighted the following points:

- The role of Swamiji reviving the spirit of Hindu Religion and confidence of the people that time.

-The role of VKVs carrying and spreading the message of Swamiji among the people of Arunachal Pradesh, thus making cultural enrichment of the state besides producing a number of Academicians, technocrats, bureaucrats, and above all good human beings.

-He thanked VKV for their noble work and wished for more service in the state.

In the end Principal Sri T. Sritharan, declared the result of the online Audio-visual competitions of the Chicago address of the students.

In the Vote of thanks Principal sir thanked the Chief Guest for his invaluable presence amidst the current pandemic situation.

 He also thanked everybody present in the programme.

 The whole programme was telecasted live through Google Meet accommodating all the students and their family members.

The programme concluded with Shanti Mantra.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration – a Brief report

Highlights of the Programme: -





9.00 am to 9.40

Special Online Raksha Bandhan Programme ( Class Wise – Class Teacher)

Online – Concerned Class

Students & their parents  from Class V to XII through Google meet and Class II to IV through recorded audio & Videos.

10.15 am to 11.30 am

Raksha Bandhan Programme

Prayer Hall

Teachers, Non-Teaching staff, Family members including all their children.

Special Online Raksha Bandhan Programme ( Class Wise)

  • All the teachers reported to the school at 8.45 am and after Kendra Prayer they went their concerned classes and conducted online Programme for their concerned/ allotted classes.
  • At first class teachers presented a prepared PPT on Raksha Bandhan and gave a short speech highlighting the importance of the day.
  • Selected and willing students also spoke about Raksha Bandhan.
  • Students have presented Song (patriotic & song Raksha Bandhan), story etc.
  • Recorded audio and video files were sent for the benefit of the students from Class II to IV.
  • Some of the students have sent recorded videos to the teachers in which importance of the day, scenes of tying rachis etc. were included.

Impact: -

  • The students and their parents found to be enthusiastic and the attendance for the Programme is quite encouraging. 74 % of students have attended the Programme.
  • Teachers were quite happy to organize such unique Programme through online by involving large number of parents.

Feedback from some of the parents

  • Parents expressed their happiness through online, by helping their children for speech and solo patriotic song etc.

Raksha Bandhan Programme: -

  • The Programme was organized at Prayer hall.
  • All the staff, their spouses and children attended the Programme.
  • Programme started with invocation followed by Welcome address of Shri. Sritharan, Principal, VKV Jairampur.
  • Dipak Upadhaya spoke on the importance of the day. Some of the highlights of his speech were: -
    • The origin of Raksha Bandhan Celebrations and various stories related to it. (Bali & Vamana, Krishna & Draupadi etc.
    • Relevance of the Raksha Bandhan in the present times.
    • The wider concept of Raksha bandhan- (protection of animals, trees, illiterate, weaker section of society for the good of the society and nation)
  • T. Sritharan tied rakhi to OM. Then one of the students tied rakhi to Sritharan Sir.
  • The children from the campus performed a Patriotic song, Raksha Bandhan Song (with action) and a group dance.
  • Unnikrishnan.P.M addressed the gatherings. The following are the highlights of his address: -
    • The performance of the school in Class X & board examination of V & VIII. The excellent performance of Ku. Tanisha Gogoi in Class VIII examination by securing first position in entire state.
    • The wider concept of Raksha Bandhan – The concept of Dependence, Independence and Inter dependence for taking the institution in the new heights.
    • Necessary things to create wonderful atmosphere in the campus.
  • The Programme was concluded with Shanti Mantra and Prasad Distribution.

Impact: - The get together on this auspicious day was a special one. Everybody felt the happiness of the same and also been updated with the vision of the celebration.

Guru Purnima Celebrated - VKV Jairampur

A programme had been organized in our school prayer hall at on the occasion of Guru Purnima in the presence of Sri. P.M.  Unnikrishnan EO, VKV APT, and Sri. P.Ajayakumar CIC, Inviting the Chief (Bongte) of local Buddhist monastery being the chief guest of the programme.

 The Programme began with Mangalacharan followed by welcome address by the Principal.

In his speech on the importance of the day Sri. S.N.Pandey highlighted the long tradition of Guru being the source of knowledge and light and the role of Ved Vyasa, the creator of the four Vedas.

 Afterwards Pooja was performed by the Chief Guest following the Buddhist rituals. Then he explained the meaning of the slogas and gave his messages to all.

 Sri. P.M.Unnikrishanan EO after felicitating the chief guest delivered his speech highlighting some important points.

  • He mentioned the role of Ved Vyas in shaping and transmitting the knowledge in a proper way.
  • He put emphasis on value based education along with the enrichment and preservation of indigenous faith and values.
  • He appreciated the Monk and their service in the local area to preserve and practice the local indigenous culture and tradition.
  • At the end he thanked the guru for his invaluable presence on such occasion and wished his presence again in the school.

  The programme was witnessed by all teaching & Non-Teaching staff of the vidyalaya along with their families.

Clean & Green Programme Observed - VKV Jairampur

 plantation programme in our school premises on in collaboration with the department of forest under the programme called " Clean & Green Arunachal".

 Chief  Guest  Sri. S.K. Mossang, DFO Jairampur, Sri. T. Teni, RFO Jairampur were present in the event, Self and Sri. Ajayakumar CIC is also present in the same.

270 saplings were given to VKV Jairampur