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Sargam Camp 2019 , Siang Cluster

VKV Jirdin hosted the Sargam Camp for the Siang Cluster 2019-20 from 27th June to 30th June 2019 where the students of five VKVs ; Basar , Jirdin, Liromoba, Oyan, Yingkiong participated  where they were guided by our respected  resource persons ; Kendra Elders Sri Krishna Kumar Sir , VKVAPT , Smt Anjali Das from VKV Bajijan , Smt. Kashmiri Kotoky from VKV Tafragoan, Sri. Chayan Sarkar From VKV Yazali, Sri. Rishi Kumar Das From VKV Roing , Sri. Mangesh Bhurse From VKV Sher  .

Elders reached in the evening on 25th June 2019 whereas the participants , escorted by their escort teachers reached by afternoon on 26th june 2019 .There were four sessions in each days of four days where the students were taught  Slokas, Bhajans(New & Old), Patriotic Song from both the  padawali and sadgamaya and even new songs which is  not been  included yet .

The camp started   with the morning assembly on 27th june 2019 where the students where taught the pronunciation, Lyrics, and tuning etc. Krishna Kumar Sir mainly dealt with the Geeta Chanting and various mantras whereas Anjali didi and Kashmiri didi dealt with  classical songs related to the Bhajan . Rishi Kumar Sir and  Mangesh Sir taught Patriotic Song . The main objective of the camp was to teach the students various Bhajans, Patriotic Songs, Slokas etc with its meaning and correct pronunciation so that the students enjoys the chanting of the afore said songs.

The Sargam Camp came to an end on 30th June 2019 with the valedictory function in presence of all the VKV Jirdin Families , Kendra Elders  and Honorable  Sri. Markar Padu Sir ; Siang Cluster Incharge , Sri Bamo Jini Sir ji ; Bibhag Pramukh and Smt. Majum Ete Ado ; Nagar Pramukh .

Total Number Of Participants : 33 Nos.

World Environmental Day Observed - VKV Jirdin

On 6th June in our School we observed World Environment Day. We could nor able to celebrate on 5th of June because of holiday. In an assembly Su. Kenny Didi gave a speech about importance of World environment Day and remedial steps of the affect of environmental issues. Children’s were informed day before yesterday to bring flower sapling and fruit plant by the principal sir. They brought flower plant, fruit plant and flower pot also and planted in the school garden under the instruction of teachers. Total 204 children’s were present

Pariksha Pe Charcha - VKV Jirdin

Today on 29th January,2019, VKV Jirdin made arrangements in the prayer hall for the students for screening the live telecast on Doordarshan channel to make the students watch the programme “Pariksha Pe Charcha” where Honourable Prime Minister interacted with the students, parents and teachers from 11 a.m. till 1.00 p.m. at Talkotara Stadium, New Delhi and discussed on various problems faced by students before, during and after their examination. Students from class- VI to X total two hundred and fifteen students, Principal and teaching staffs glued to the screen to watch the programme.

The present scenario has changed compared to past years where now it is a matter of deep concern that presently students take much stress before the exams mentally as well as physically to come up to the expectations of their parents, teachers and well-wishers. And when they fail to do so, in the process to escape the ridicule of it, they take the wrong step or decision…making the situation worse for everyone related to him/her. After viewing the programme “Pariksha Pe Charcha” our students felt that most of the questions that troubled their minds were being answered. They received the answers to their queries. The programme lighten up their heavy hearts and boosted them to do their parts by getting serious about their exams and giving their best to it. After the conclusion of the programme, there was a common discussion which took place particularly between the Principal, subject teachers and the students of Class-X.  It helped them to build back their self-confidence, to give their best for the forth coming Board examination and leave the rest to its own, without troubling their minds about the result.

The book “Exam Warrior” proved very useful to our students which is available in the school library. They regard that hard work pays and they are going to work hard for it to make a good result. They will be putting their best efforts for the exam depending to their individual capability. They won’t regret if they score less marks compared to their fellow mates as every individual is different with different strength and weaknesses. The programme“ Pariksha Pe Charcha” was worth watching touching various areas related to the students state of mind, importance of counselling, getting rid of depression etc. leading them to light out of darkness. As students are the future of our nation and their role is very prominent as they are going to give shape to our country in the days to come, by making them responsible citizens being the youths.

Honourable PM Narendra Modi’s guidance and valuable suggestions to the students as to how to overcome their fears of coming exams and to follow their hearts in regard to further studies options in their life. And suggestions to parents and teachers how to tackle and be responsible in their decisions and choices they make about their children’s life. To give their support and cooperation to the children instead of giving their thoughts for they have their own thoughts and accept them with their individuality was praise-worthy. The programme not only cleared the doubts of student’s mind but also of parents and teachers whose hearts no doubt was filled with gratitude for our Honourable PM Narendra Modi ji, who undertook such a noble task by telecasting such a benefitting programme for students, parents and teachers.

70th Celebration of Republic Day

 Today VKV Jirdin celebrated Republic Day in the school. All hosteller students, band and March past troops and participants of Lezim and Yoga assembled along with teaching staffs and non-teaching staff at the school ground. Principal VKV Jirdin hoisted the flag at sharp 6.30 a.m. And threw light on the significance of the day and wished everyone a very happy Republic Day and also spoke about the achievements of our country in different fields. He also informed the students about the 2019 Awardees receiving the prestigious Bharat Ratna like Late Bhupen Hazarika, Sri. Pranab Mukherjee and Sri. Nanaji Deshmukh. Class-VIII students presented a patriotic song.  Students of March past, Band display and Demonstration of Yoga and Lezim left for General Ground, Aalo in the school buses escorted by the teaching staffs.

Among thirty March past troops of various schools in and around Aalo, VKV Jirdin bagged the First prize in March past and received a trophy from the hands of Honourable DC, Aalo Smt. Swetika Sachan. In addition to that the spectators of Republic Day Celebration in General Ground, Aalo appreciated the demonstration of Yoga and Lezim performed by total 100 students of class-IV, V and VI. Students gave their best effort and also took pride in bringing name and fame for the school.

National Youth Day Celebration

156th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda

On 12th January National Youth Day was celebrated in VKV Jirdin along with children, parents and well wishers of VKV. The programme was started at 9.30 a.m. by lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Smt. Binti Mibang (Circle Officer, Nikte circle, Aalo) and The Guest of Honour Smt. Kartu Bam (Circle Officer, Kombo circle, Aalo). Principal VKV Jirdin welcomed all the parents, students, well-wishers present in the programme and threw light on the purpose of celebrating National Youth Day nation-wide and role of the youths in present day time.

Principal VKV Jirdin felicitated both the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour with a token of love and offered both the Assamese floral gamucha.

A student of class-X highlighted on the significance of the day. Su. Kajal Neog Phukan (English teacher) read out the report and threw light on the achievements done by school in the present session.

Followed by meritorious prize distribution to some of the students who bought laurels to the institution from the hand of the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour.

The Chief Guest addressed to the audience present and quoted the famous quote of Swami Vivekananda “ Arise, Awake and stop not till the Goal is reached”. And she elaborated its inner meaning and spoke about Swami Vivekananda who was not only a national leader but also a social worker and reformer who wanted and brought changes in the society. How in every speeches of Swamiji we come to know about India’s rich traditions, cultures and its heritage. How Swamiji thought about the all round development of India by calling the youths of India to arise and also worked and kept women folk in a higher status equivalent to men. She advised the students to take pride in being a VKVian  and inculcate all the good ideals taught and learnt in school, to be bold in one’s speech and keep shyness aside sharing her own experience of her school days. She also stressed on students to be a good human and give back to one’s society all the good virtues learnt, to inculcate all the good things of society and also to stand and fight back against all the evils prevalent in the society.  She concluded her speech by showing her gratitude towards institutions like VKV who are indeed giving their service in shaping the youths and bringing many good officials of Arunachal by giving quality education for the past many years.

Next Dr. Tasing Paser (Anaesthetist , District Hospital, Aalo) who is a VKV Alumi of VKV Oyan also addressed requesting parents to minimize their frequent visits to school for the smooth running of the school. And asked parents and well-wishers to come forward and co-operate in discussing and finding solutions to the various problems faced by the school administration- a way to show their gratitude towards the school for its selfless service.

A small cultural programme was kept with variety of items like welcome dance, patriotic song telling about the greatness of our motherland , action song of tiny tots, regional dance like bihu and dandiya portraying the rich culture of different states , yoga demonstration making everyone aware of the need of the hour: If you are fit; India is fit and a local drama drawing the audience attention to Loss of culture is Loss of Identity .

The National Youth Day’s celebration was winded up with vote of thanks to the dignitaries, parents, students, staffs for their valuable time spared in making the event a grand one.