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Awareness Camp on POCSO Act - VKV Jirdin

Today on 19th July,2018 an awareness camp was organized by the District Child Protection Unit, Aalo, West Siang district in VKV Jirdin for the students of class-III to X. The programme started from 9.45 a.m. to 11.15 a.m. and was attended by all the teaching staffs including hostel wardens. The District Protection Officer Mr. Dege Kamki threw light on The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act,2012 and Juvenile Justice and Protection of Children Act,2015 what it was and why it was enacted, the different offences which comes under the POCSO Act and the punishments for those offences, reliefs available to child victims of sexual offences and explained what was sexual assault, sexual harassment. Probation Officer Mr. Mijum Doke elucidated the students about the different rights of children: tangible rights and intangible rights and guided the students what steps should be taken by them at such situations: to directly deny and say “NO” to it and to consult parents, elders and teachers regarding it. Principal VKV Jirdin spoke a few lines of increasing crime and the role of students to avoid being a victim of it by being alert at every step. The programme was concluded with vote of thanks.

 International Yoga Day -  VKV Jirdin

Today on 21st June, 2018 VKV Jirdin celebrated International Yoga Day. The programme started at 6.00 a.m. with lighting of the lamp by Principal VKV Jirdin. Principal VKV Jirdin threw light on the significance of the day by conveying the importance of it and how all over the country it is being celebrated: mega programme going on in Rajasthan’s Kotha . He said how by devoting few minutes in Yoga can bring positive changes in students, by benefitting their health and mind by giving them the power of self-control of mind and body, besides making them more attentive and increasing their memory power and concentration. He gave the example of Swami Vivekananda, who had a very strong memory power who in true sense practiced yoga. He further told that it is also away to communicate with the Almighty. He wished everyone a fruitful International Yoga Day. And concluded that by doing yoga in our day to day world we will derive happiness, peace of mind and good health and will lead a disease free life. Followed by demonstration of Yoga by the Physical Instructor Sri. Dhanaji T.B, starting with three omkaras , jogging, loosening exercises, 12 times Surya namaskar and asanaslike tarasana,  ardhakaticakrasana ,padahastasana, trikonasana, parivrittatrikonasana,parsvakonasana ,vajrasana, sasankasana andpranayamas like kapalbharti,  Anuloma-Viloma, bhastrika , nadisuddhi, bhramari.Hosteller students from classes IV to X along with the teaching staff actively took part in performing various Yogaasanas and pranayamasmentioned above in the school playground. The programme was concluded with shanti mantra.

Day scholars from classes I to X also performed the yoga in the school hours inside the prayer hall to avoid the excess heat outside under the guidance of the Physical Instructor Sri. Dhanaji T.B. Around 150 day scholar students took part in it.

World Environment Day was celebrated - VKV Jirdin

World Environment Day was celebrated today in VKV Jirdin. The programme was started around 9.00 a.m. with lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Sri. Abhinav Kumar ( District Forest Officèr , Aalo,West Sìang District). Principal VKV Jirdin welcomed the Chief Guest and everyone present in the programme and threw light on the importance of the day. The Chief Guest Sri. Abhinav Kumar ( District Forest Officer, West Siang District) was felicitated by the Principal with a Assamese floral gamucha and a bouquet of flowers. A speech on the importance of the day was delivered by a student of class X Km. Eesha Lollen and an action song on the theme "Save trees ; Save lives" was presented by the students of class IX.

The Chief Guest Sri. Abhinav Kumar addressed to the students n created awareness among the students by providing them information how globally World Environment Day is going to be celebrated. 
In his speech , he mentioned about the special significance World Environment Day of our country this year as our country has been selected from a host of 143 countries to be the host for the celebration of World Environment Day 2018, which indeed is an honour to us. Alongside a big challenge and responsibility. This year the theme selected for this day is "Beat Plastic Pollution", which is a call to action for all of us to come together to combat one of the greatest environment challenges which our country faces. He further said, the theme "Beat Plastic Pollution " invites us all to consider how we can make a change in our everyday life to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution in our national basis, our wild lifes and our lives. And how plastic pollution has gripped our world like a disease and is rotting our world every possible days.
The Chief Guest concluded his speech by requesting the students community to take a solemn pledge as responsible citizens to first understand the gravity of the problem before starting how big the problem is before starting to solve it. He stressed on the young students to bring a change gradually by saying "No" to plastic firmly.
Lastly, the programme was winded with shanti mantra.

National Fire & Evacuation Drill Awareness Programme - VKV Jirdin

National Fire & Evacuation Drill Awareness Programme Today on 21.02.18, an awareness programme on Fire Evacuation Drill was organized by Fire & Emergency Service, Aalo in VKV Jirdin. The programme started at 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 a.m. A team of seven FS Personel came to speak and demonstrate on how fire incidents take place and cause lot of damage and loss to lives and property. In such situation how to act and save one’s and others lives. The SFO I. Ngomdir illustrated the triangle of combustion as made up of fuel, oxygen and heat to make or catch fire. Fire Brigade and fire extinguisher DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) of various sizes were brought. They made us all aware how to deal with various types of fire like simple fire, oil fire, gas fire, electric fire & metal fire. Various demonstrations were shown to make all aware of how to prevent fire caught in gas regulator leaks, pipes in simple ways.When a fire incident takes place in multi-storey buildings immediate response from our own side by self-rescuing with the help of a rope by tying ladder knots to climb down. How to give first-aid during fire incidents for different kinds of injuries like scalp bandage, rib knot, jaw bandage, arm sealing, methods of making improvised emergency stretcher with a rope, blanket etc. How to use different types of fire extinguishers, how to act in mob drill fire evacuation: role of school authority and staffs in formation of a team of fire fighters. Staffs and senior students to be divided as rescue team (fire fighters). 

  1. Fire fighters to rescue (giving first-aid)
  2. Why to maintain the attendance?
  3. Reporting to the authority
  4. Authority role in answering the media.

The two and a half hours awareness programme benefitted each and every individual present there. Queries related to Fire accidents were cleared by them. Voluntary demonstration by some students also gave the spectators the confidence to overcome their fear for fire and act as fire fighters in any such fire disaster. Pamphlets were also distributed among the students by the Fire Dept. Three students gave individual feedbacks about the programme witnessed. And the programme was winded by a speech by the Principal, VKV Jirdin, who thanked the team for their valuable contribution to the school by organizing that awareness programme and enlightening all present there.

National Youth Day Celebration - VKV Jirdin

Today VKV Jirdin celebrated 155th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. The Chief Guest for today’s programme was Sri. Nyage Geyi (District Medical Officer) and the Guest of Honour was Sri. Hummo Taipodia (District Transport Officer) . The programme started with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest. Principal VKV Jirdin welcomed the guests, invitees, parents and well-wishers. The Chief Guest and Guest of Honour were felicitated by the Principal. A student of class-VIII spoke on the significance of the day. A brief school report of the session 2017-18 was presented by a student of Class-VIII. Prizes were distributed to the meritorious students by the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour. The Guest of Honour spoke about Swamiji’s great personality, high ideals and advised the students community to utilize the opportunity of studying in VKV and to follow his ideals.

The Chief Guest who came along with his team of doctors spoke of

VKV’s selfless service to Arunachal Pradesh and assured to extend any kind of support to school when required.

Among the team of doctors Dr. Jumge Padu addressed to the parents and students about Measles and Rubella vaccination to raise awareness among the parents to know the importance and necessity of Measles and Rubella vaccination and gave necessary instructions and guidelines. Moreover, he informed of their upcoming vaccination camp at VKV Jirdin on 7th of February,2018. And requested parents and children to do the role of being a resource person themselves by conveying to the near and dear ones the necessity of vaccination and its ill effects if not vaccinated.

A small cultural programme was kept like welcome dance, patriotic song, action song by kids, mime with a social message, classical dance and a traditional dance. A senior teacher gave the vote of thanks and the programme was concluded with shanti mantra.