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Sadgamya Shibir @ VKV Jirdin

A brief report of the 3 Days Sadgamaya Shibir at VKV Jirdin (2 ndOctober to 4th October ,2017) The Personality Development Camp was organized at VKV Jirdin from 2nd October to 4th October, 2017. Altogether 64 participants from Class VI –VIII from two nearby schools of Aalo township i.e; Govt. Secondary School- Pakam and Govt. Secondary School-New Market, Aalo along with our host school took active participation in this camp. Other schools couldn’t attend due to their examination schedule after Dusshera.

Participants reported at 3 p.m. on 2nd Oct evening. Accommodation for the camp participants was done in two of the hostels. After the evening prayer, Principal VKV Jirdin welcomed the participants. He briefed the purpose of the camp and over all set up of the various activities they were going to learn in the three days Sadgamaya Shibir.

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Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Jirdin celebrated UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD DAY today. Smt. Swetika Sachan, IAS Deputy Commissioner, West Siang District was the Chief Guest and Shri. K. Chandra Sekhar was the Guest of Honour for the programme. There were around 550(Five hundred fifty) people including parents, guardians, well wishers etc. who attended the programme.

 The Chief Guest spoke on the importance of girl education and women empowerment. After listening to the school report of the previous year, she was impressed and congratulated the entire team of VKV Jirdin for rendering the service in the interior part of Arunachal Pradesh. She spoke regarding the gender discrimination prevailing in the society. She added that to eliminate this- education of women is more important. She advised the student community to focus on studies and utilize the opportunity purposefully in deriving moral based education by adopting the principles & teachings of Swami ji. She liked the cultural programmes presented by the children. And told our school as one of the best schools in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Guest of Honour Shri. K. Chandra Shekar expressed his gratitude to VKV for the invitation and appreciated the service done by VKV to the people of Arunachal Pradesh. He stressed on the saying of Vivekananda –“ Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached” by saying that as Swami ji was a very learned giant. Being students they too should follow his footsteps by proper utilization of the school library. He also said that for every individual student there is a goal and every individual has an infinite power.

Besides fifteen tourist from Spain and Italy attended the programme and appreciated the programme and hospitality shown to them. The programme was a success. Everything went smoothly and was winded up with “ Sarve Bhabantu ……”

Janmasthami Celebration in VKV Jirdin

On 14th August,2017 Krishna Janmasthami was celebrated in VKV Jirdin with festive mood and joviality. House leaders arranged the stage for the evening programme in the prayer hall in team with great enthusiasm. The programme started with significance of the day by Smt. Durga Tripathi. A cultural competition was kept : Best Jhaki competition. Besides tomorrow’s forth coming programme of Independence day, within short period all the houses and members participated with their own creativity and imagination…trying to portray some phases of Lord Krishna’s life from childhood to youth. Phase like Yashodha’s glimpse of the Universe inside Krishna’s mouth , stealing of curd ,encounter with Snake Kaliya , Krishna’s time spent with cowherd friends and Radha , devotee Meera Bai, Kamsa’s strategies to kill Krishna through Putana, Friendship with Sudama , Krishna’s protection of Draupadi’s during Bastraharan and Krishna’s role in the battle of Mahabharata- being the charioteer of Arjuna etc. Children from classes IV to X actively took part and sang Krishna bhajans with devotion. The programme was concluded with Shanti mantra followed by distribution of Prasad.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

     On account of Raksha Bandhan ,VKV Jirdin celebrated Raksha Bandhan- the sacred bond of brothers and sisters, the custom of tying ceremonial thread on a brother’s wrist seeking for her protection and brother’s vow to look after his sister’s well –being. Shri. Kido Lollen, Vice-Principal of Pakam High Secondary School, Aalo was invited Chief Guest to grace the occasion. The programme was started with lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest, followed with invocation. Principal, VKV Jirdin gave the welcome address-wishing the students a very happy Raksha Bandhan and introducing the Chief Guest to the students. Principal, VKV Jirdin felicitated the Chief Guest. Significance of the day was told by Su. Rina didi bringing in light how the age-old tradition of tying rakhis took place from the Mughal period and narrated some myths and legends related to Raksha Bandhan. Symbolic rakhi tying took place. A student of class –IV tied a rakhi, did tilak to the Chief Guest and took his blessings. Students of classes IV to X tied rakhis to one another and to their teachers. A small cultural programme : a group patriotic song by class-V and a traditional group dance by class-VIII students was kept. The Chief Guest addressed to the students as an elder brother by advising to leave all the vices like jealousy, hatred, pride and in spite develop love and maintain peace and harmony among themselves and to be always ready to extend a helping hand. He appreciated the small cultural items kept, as a necessary part of a student’s development in co-scholastic areas. He contributed for the student’s community ten numbers of their traditional garland to school. And the programme was concluded with shanti mantra.

Vanmahotsava Celebration

Vanmahotsava was celebrated in collaboration with the Forest Division, Aalo on 7th of July in the school. The programme started at 9.00 am ,with planting of saplings  by the Forest Department dignitaries like Sri. Ranphoa   Nowa (IFS) , Sri. Abhinav Kumar ( DFO, Aalo) and Ms. Martha ( ACF) . Two hundred saplings were provided by the Forest Department, Aalo to plant in the school campus. A small programme was organized in the prayer hall. Smt. Rama didi, well-wisher of  VKV APT,  and Su. Priyanka didi ( VKV Arunjyoti) were also present there. It started with the lighting of the lamp by Guest of Honour  Sri. Abhinav Kumar. Welcoming of the Guests was done by Su. Namita Medhi. Followed by felicitation of the Guests by Principal, VKV Jirdin. A small cultural programme was also organized. Class X batch presented a patriotic song “ Bhubana mandale nava yug mudhayatu……..”. Significance of the Day was done by a student of class VII. A Sanskrit patriotic group song by class VI and more light was thrown on the importance of the Forest Festival by a student of class X.

Principal, VKV Jirdin enlighted the students on the role of trees in our life by relating a few lines from Vande mataram song…  He said if we didn’t care for trees it won’t affect an individual only but its effect will be on all. So, we should keep this in mind and take care of the trees for a healthy environment.

Sri. Ranphoa Nowa  recollected his school days in VKV and quoted a few lines of the patriotic song “ Desh hume deta hai sabh kuch…. Highlighting mainly the lines “ Pedh hume deti hai saya, humko bhi toh kuch dena shikhe…” Very beautifully he conveyed the message that we too have some responsibilities towards trees so that coming generation enjoys the fruit of our present noble task of planting trees.

Sri. Abhinav Kumar informed students about the UPSC exams and Civil Services like IAS, IPS and IFS. He motivated and inspired the children to opt for such services and to work on it from the present time. Besides he made the children realize the fact that they are fortunate that they belonged from Bio hotspot region like Arunachal Pradesh where forest areas are more compared to other states. He appreciated the speeches delivered by the students and also appealed to the students to practice it in deed not only in words. He said it is time for all of us to act like saving trees from cutting down, planting trees and taking care of it.

Ms. Martha gave the vote of thanks and expressed her gratitude towards our school and also the students for making the programme a successful one. Forest Department also offered sweets to all the students and staffs. The programme was concluded with Shanti mantra.