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Sadgamaya Camp - VKV Jirdin

A three -day Personality Development Residential Camp was organized by the school from 25th of October, 2018 to 27th October, 2018. A total number of thirty-seven participants from three schools (Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Aalo , Town Middle School, Aalo, New Market School, Aalo ) participated in the camp along with six day scholar students from the host school.

25th October, 2018: Participants started reporting at school in 4.30 p.m. Registration work was done on their arrival. An amount of Rs. 50/- was collected from each participant as Registration Fee. The programme scheduled for the 1st day was started with bhajan sandhya where prayer was lead and follow by the prayer incharges: Su. Rupa Upadhaya, Smt. Durga Tripathi and Smt. Meenakshi Pandey. Followed by Self-introduction Session by the camp participants and teaching staffs. Next, the forty-three participants were divided into four groups: Lakshmibai, Sarada, Savitri and Nivedita. After supper, the camp participants gathered in the prayer hall for Prerna se Punarutthan (Happy Assembly).During this session active karyakarta bhaiya of VKV Arunjyoti Sri. Vikrant Kumar along with Kr. Lito Ado (karyakarta) were also present.Vikrant ji narrated the story of Nachiketa in the process of a game: how Nachiketa sacrificed his life and motivated the participants to lift the needy instead of raising oneself keeping others life in stake. During the game “ Ahkhandamandalakaram” he passed the message not to limit oneself to own Self but extend to family, society, nation and the world. Few video clippings were projected on the projector on the famous quote of Swami Vivekananda “ Be and Make” and motivated the participants to portray oneself properly to a higher level so as to become an ideal and role model to someone as seeing is learning. The session was winded up with shanti mantra.

26th October, 2018: The day started with morning prayer, which was later followed by Yoga Session handled by Smt. Yabom Digbak (Yoga Instructor) where various loosening exercises and pranayamas were taught to the participants. Participants actively took part and enjoyed the session. The programme was continued from 9.00.a.m. with Shibir Geet “ Charaibeti, Charaibeti………” by Su. Rina Khare didi.

During the Inaugural Session, the programme was started with lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Smt. Minam Tayeng Ado ( Secretary of B. Ed College Aalo). And was felicitated with a floral Assamese gamucha as token of love.

Principal VKV Jirdin addressed and welcomed the Chief Guest Smt. Minam Tayeng Ado ( Secretary , B. Ed College, Aalo), the camp participants, teachers and briefed the inner meaning of “Sadgamaya” and threw light on one of the famous quotes of Swami Vivekananda “ Man-making; Nation –building”. He elaborated the purpose and objective of the Personality Development Camp and wished that it would benefit the participants and help them to build their over-all personality.

A  patriotic song was presented by the day scholar students of VKV Jirdin “ Chalo jalaye deep waha jaha abhi bi aandhera hai..”.

Next the programme was followed by Significance of the Day by Sri. Surajit Das. He wished and hoped that the participants would return with a new good personality and good experiences to share with their near and dear ones besides overcoming some of their flaws. He threw light that a good personality doesn’t matter with the external appearance of a person but with one’s inner beauty, morals and values practiced by an individual. He focused that the camp would provide them the platform to utilize in knowing one another better as learning takes place accidentally and incidentally. He motivated the participants to develop appositive attitude and discard the negative ones and excel in their life.

The Chief Guest addressed the camp participants and defined what is meant by personality?  A mixture of physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and values combined and portrays one’s personality. She wished that during this camp, the camp might help in developing their all round personality. She added that personality can’t be developed within a night but of course in due course of time by attending more such personality development camps and reading more and more good books.

She held three ways in developing a good personality:

  1. By improving our art of communication by being extrovert and using pleasant words.
  2. By monitoring our posture: It should be streamlined.
  3. By developing good virtues: By practicing and having good social values and ethical sense.

In addition to that we should do regular walks and exercises as a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body which shall benefit in shaping a good personality and also by listening to the advice, suggestions of our elders and teachers in the right spirit.

The Inaugural Session was winded up with vote of thanks by one of the senior teacher Smt. Pranita Ghosh.

Session –I was taken by Smt. Durga Tripathi on Importance of Discipline where she narrated some incidents from the early childhood of Swami Vivekananda how discipline influences one’s character. A person having faith on oneself has faith on God too, to have faith on own actions instead of destiny. How our action determines our destiny with a sloka from the Bhagwad Gita: “ Karmanewa adhikarashya…………  “. Keep doing your actions , don’t worry for the results, to be fearless, positive and selfless and to develop this virtues in them as a student.

Session II: Adolescence Stage was taken by Su. Rina Khare where she intimated the participants about the hormonal changes that took place in children and made them aware of attractions and take care of this stage and keep away from such attractions.

Session III: Quiz by Sri. Surajit Das where eight rounds like Arunachal Pradesh, History, Famous Personalities, Everyday science, Indian geography, Mythology, Mathematics, Mixed bag etc.

Session IV: Geet Session by Su. Rupa Upadhaya where shibir geet “ Nirmano ke pawan yug mein…..hum charitra nirmaan na bhule”.

Session V: Krida Yoga by Sri. Vikrant Kumar, Smt. Yabom Digbak , Sri. Dhanaji T.B, Su. Gome Riba  and Su. Rupa Upadhaya  where participants enjoyed new games like volley ball and Kendra Chalo.

After evening prayer, the next session was followed by Principal, VKV Jirdin on the construction of Vivekananda Kendra Rock Memorial by Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade, the founder of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas in Arunachal Pradesh, by narrating some incidents from the life of Sri. Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade’s childhood life how he was motivated from the portrait of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, convinced and got consent of MPs in the process of constructing the VK Rock Memorial. He motivated the participants to develop and bring into practice the virtues from the life of Mananeeya Eknathji to be systematic and arranged.

Session VI: Manthan Co-presentation where participants sat together in groups and did discussion and presented their feedback for the camp.

After supper, during Happy Assembly Sri. Vikrant Kumarji of VKV Arunjyoti spoke and shared the works and functions of VKV Arunjyoti mentioning how VKV Arunjyoti has 823 branches: VKV Arunjyoti centres, vocational training centres , KGBV schools to provide education to drop-out students, etc. To lighten up the busy schedule of the day’s programme  like “ Behen tum kaha ho, Leader, Leader as such. And winded with shanti mantra.

27th October, 2018: On the last day, after morning prayer Yoga session was conducted by Smt. Yabom Digbak where camp participants were introduced to different types of loosening exercises and pranayamas. Next session was Krida Yoga conducted by Sri. Dhanaji T.B (Physical Instructor, VKV Jirdin) for an hour, during which participants played various new games like Nauka race, Damru race, Wall Deewar todh , Relay race together with the assistance of Sri. Vikrant Kumar and Kr. Lito Ado ( karyakarta).

After breakfast, the shibir continued with shibir geet  where participants practiced and rehearsed the song “ Charaibeti , charaibeti…..”. Next the camp participants from various schools attending the camp presented a group patriotic song from each group. Next Participation Certificates were distributed to all the participants by Principal, VKV Jirdin. And also prizes were distributed to the groups who were winners in the Quiz and Group Patriotic song competition. Next Session was Sharing of Experience where camp participants shared their experiences from each house expressing their feelings and gratitude how they enjoyed the Yoga Session, Krida Yoga and stories narrated and lectures given on Personality development last but not the least the food provided. Lastly was the Aahuti Satra ( Valedictory Function) where all the camp participants offered flowers to Swami Vivekananda’s portrait. The shibir was concluded with a beautiful hindi poetry of “ Naunihal desh ka tu, desh ki Mishaal baan….” by one of the teacher. And finally winded up shanti mantra.