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Gita Jayanthi Celebrated - VKV Jirdin

Gita Jayanti in our School Auditorium  our programme starts at 10 a.m. Before the programme Su . Rina Khare explain the signification of the day. Welcome to all GuestParents, Teachers and students by Su. Indu Gurung. The Programme Starts by the blessing of  Sri Pavitrachaitanya Maharaj and Sri Bodhachaitanya Maharaj from Ramakrishna Mission School,  Aalo. Children from Class VI to X explain the meaning of Karma Yoga Shloka, after that all the children  and teachers chant the entire shlokas together. After the chanting Sri Pavitrachaitanya Maharaj explain the importance of Karma Yoga to all the childrens and parents by using blackboard in elaborate way.He explain the need of Gita in our life. All the children and parents like his speech. Swamiji was very surprised after hearing the Shloka chanted by the students of Class IV to X without seeing. Sri. PM Unnikrishnan Sir, Education Officerof Siang Cluster,Sri, Markar Padu, Cluster In- Charge of Siang Cluster, and 45 Parents were present in the Programme.