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Report of Parents’ Meet for Class-IX & X

On dated : 29th June 2019 , at 10 a.m., the first Parents’ meeting for the academic session of 2019-20 was conducted in the presence of Shri P.Ajay kumar, Cluster In-charge of Tirap Cluster. It was a fruitful get together for teachers and parents of Class-IX and X students because it is helpful for us to achieve a colourful and better result in the days to come. The meeting was attended by 30 parents of Class-X out of 33 and 26 parents of Class-IX out of 39.

            The meeting was inaugurated by Shri P. Ajay kumar with lighting of lamp and invocation. The warm welcome was given to all by Shri R.P.Singh (Class Teacher of Class-IX) which was followed by a melodious patriotic song from the girls of Class-X.

            Shri P.Ajay kumar delivered his lecture on “Introduction of Vivekananda Kendra” in which origin of VK and purpose of VKVs  were made clear to the parents. He also explained about the parents’ expectations from the school and the school’s expect from the parents. The speech was an excellent presentation of VK introduction and about the aims / objectives of VKVs in Arunachal Pradesh.

            It was a time to give feedbacks on the overall performance of Class-X and Class-IX students. Shri Dibakar Luitel and Shri R.P.Singh (Class Teachers of Class-IX & X) in their feedback reports said that students are well disciplined and performing well in academic. Further, they requested parents to check the jung food and mobile usage of students at home.

Shri Shyamal Chakraborty, Principal, VKV-Kharsang in his speech highlighted the remarkable achievements of VKV-Kharsang during the last academic session 2018-19. He informed the parents about those areas in which more sincere effort of parents’ is expected to bring up their child in a desired pathway. The pre-planning of the VKV-Kharsang team to excel in academic result of the forth coming CBSE final examination – 2020 is presented before the parents in detail.

            Now, it was the time for parents to give their valuable suggestions and feedbacks to the school team. The total number of four parents expressed their feelings or feedbacks . All the speakers appreciated the school team for their hardwork and dedication. They expressed their satisfaction and gratitude towards Vivekananda Kendra for imparting valuable education to their wards with the help of committed workers of VK. They appreciated the class-wise whatsapp group system of school for senior classes to convey the message to their parents. Finally, they appealed the other parents to work in hand to hand with the school for better performance of their wards. They were of the opinion that the school possess good academic environment because of its wonderful plannings and its execution. The hosteller parents felt that hostels are well maintained and proper neatness is there.

Lastly, the vote of thanks was showered to all parents for their valuable participation in the meeting by Shri Dibakar Luitel and it was followed up by shanti mantra at 12 noon.