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Matri Puja - VKV Kitpi Tawang

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Kitpi organized 'Matri Puja' programme at Vivekananda hall on 10th December 2017 for the first batch class X students of the Vidyalaya. Matri Puja is organised in VKVs to provide one-time experience of greatness of mother to the teenage children before leaving the school after completing the first stage of their studies.

Addressing the gathering of parents, teachers and students of class IX and X, he said that achieving high degrees and becoming officers or public leaders are not much important unless one has a good moral values. He compared the importance of moral values with the cement used to join bricks for construction of buildings. If the cement used is weak then the building will be weak, even though it may look huge and beautiful. He further said that, the students are like kites and are in the hands of their parents by thread. With pulling of thread the kites attain higher heights. In the same way the students must be under the guidance of their parents and teachers. He said that in Gurukuls during ancient times the students after completing their education they were made to take pledges as., Matri Devo Bhave, Pitri Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava and Rastri Devo Bhava.

Sri Rinchin Norbu, Chairman SSG expressed his views on such programmes. He said that, all great persons were influenced by kindness, compassion and humbleness of their mother. Wishing the gathering on the occasion of 28th Noble peace prize to His Holiness the Dalai Lama the Chairman quoted the life of His Holiness wherein His Holiness was greatly influenced by his mother.

The parents and students also shared their experiences on this occasion. At the very beginning the students washed the feet of their mother and offered Argham (water), Padhyam (water for bathing), Pushpe (flower), Dhupe (incense), Aloke (light), Gandhe (perfume) and Nevidhya (celestial food)

The programme was graced by Sri Krishna Kumarji, senior member of VKAPT, Sri Rinchin Norbu, Chairman of the School Support Group and Shri Balaji Wagmare, Principal VKV Kitpi. 26 out of 30 students' parents attended the first ever Matri Puja of the Vidyalaya