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Patriotic Song Competition Conducted - VKV Koloriang

Class-wise Patriotic song competition was conducted on 29.08.2019 at VKV Koloriang. Students from Class I to VIII presented their Class songs which were evaluated by the Judges. The program started with Three Omkaras followed by Aikyamantra. After presentation of Class-songs, Judges gave the feedback of their performance. Sri Bhim P. Upadhyay, principal of the Vidyalaya remarks, “Learning and singing of patriotic songs help to inculcate the patriotic feeling among the students”.  Students were encouraged to learn patriotic songs by heart and with devotion. Finally, the program ended with shanti mantra. 

National Sports Day Conducted - VKV Koloriang

VKV Koloriang has celebrated National Sports Day on 29.08.2019 at the school premises in a befitting manner. The legendary Hockey player of India, Major Dyanchand and his contribution was highlighted through speech in the morning assembly. Students were encouraged to acquire good qualities from the life of this magician of hockey. Various games and sports competitions such as running race, biscuit bitting, Volleyball, cockfight were also organized as a part of the celebration. All the students from classes I to VIII participated in one or the other events

Adolescent Health Day Observed - VKV Koloriang

Adolescent Health Day was being observed on 14.08.2019 at VKV Koloriang. Smt. Dindo Jumi, District Adolescent Health Program Counselor was the resource person. She highlighted the various problems face by the children during the adolescent stage particularly the age group – 10 to 19 years.

She took class in classes VI, VII & VIII in their classroom itself and explained about the various problems that they face particularly in the adolescent stage such as the Physical, mental and emotional changes occur in this period such as body muscle, hormonal change and change in behavior and also told the remedial measures to overcome from such challenges. She also told the various do’s and don’ts during this age group. Students were motivated to cultivate good habits and use the mental energy in right direction. After the session, different questions were asked by the students related to the problems they face

World Mosquito Day Observed - VKV Koloriang

VKV Koloriang has observed World Mosquito Day on 20.08.2019. Sri Manish Kumar, Science teacher told the importance of the day in the morning assembly. Students were told about the diseases caused by the mosquito biting particularly female anopheles mosquito- malaria. Various other diseases such as Dengue fever, Chikungunya, Zika fever, Japanese Encephalities etc. are also transmitted via bites of infected Anopheles mosquitoes. Students were given some advice to take precautionary measures like not to allow the water to accumulate nearby the dwelling areas, use of mosquito nets etc. to protect ourselves from such  deadliest diseases in our everyday life. All the students of the vidyalaya from Class I to VIII ( total 259)were present on the occasion

Krishana Janmashtami Celebrations - VKV Koloriang

Krishna Janmastami is being celebrated on 24th August 2019 at VKV Koloriang  in a befitting manner. Importance of the day was told by Sri Ramesh Yadav, Hindi teacher of the vidyalaya. Various competitions were organized as a part of the celebration. There were House- wise competitions - Krishna bhajan singing, posture and different Radha-krishna action presentation and also house-wise pandal making competitions. All the students from class I to VIII and also some of the Class VIII passed out students were present on the occasion. Finally, there was Prashad  (kheer) distribution.