Hindi Diwas Celebrated - VKV Koloriang

Hindi Diwas is being celebrated at VKV Koloriang in the school premises on 14th September 2019 with the students in a befitting manner. Growing importance of the Hindi language and its significance is told by Sri Pritam Prasun Kairi, hindi teacher.

Growing importance of Hindi as a language not only within the country but around the world was highlighted and told that there are many languages spoken by the people in the country but Hindi language has been widely spoken by the majority of the people and is one of the official languages of the country. Also, told about the efforts of the Indian Govt. for the recognition of the Hindi language as one of the languages in the UN charter of languages. On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, there were various literary activities like poem recitation, storytelling and extempore speech competition. 13 students recited their self composed ‘kavitayein’, ‘paheliyas’ & short stories.