Adolescent Health Day Conducted - VKV Koloriang

Adolescent Health Day is being observed today, i.e. on 08.11.2019 at VKV Koloriang in the school auditorium hall. Sri Mai Chobin, District Adolescent Counselor was the resource person. He highlighted the various problems face by the children during the adolescent stage particularly the age group – 10 to 19 years. The various changes that occur during this period i.e. the Physical, mental and emotional such as body muscle, hormonal change and change in behavior and also the remedial measures to overcome from such challenges were explained to the students. He remarks “Most of the children become the victims of attraction and addiction in the adolescent stage”. He also told the various dos and don’ts during this age group. Students were motivated to cultivate good habits and use the mental energy in right direction. After the session, different questions were asked by the students related to the problems they face. There was individual counseling for boys and girls separately