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Indigenous Faith Day Celebrated - VKV Basar

A youth group dance competition (of both genders) was held at Basar by Basar Kargo Gamgi committee on the occasion of Indigenous Faith Day. In which a group of student (girls) of VKV, Basar took part and outperformed all the other participating groups by securing 2nd spot in the competition. Putting an impression in the eyes of their spectators they gathered praise and applause from all of them.          Smty. Kirjum Sora w/o ADC Basar who was the guest of honour of the occasion had announced to donate 6 electrical fans to VKV Basar.

02 December 2019:

Following the other day Su Kenny Didi, teacher of VKV Basar, delivered a speech based on Indigenous Faith Day on following points:

  1. a) Importance of indigenous faith day
  2. b) Founder of indigenous faith
  3. c) and how to save our culture identity.

Last but not the least the dance practice for the youth group dance competition was practiced under the guidance of Su. Junu didi, Teacher of VKV Basar.

Creativity Exhibition Conducted - VKV Basar

A model cum creativity exhibition was held at VKV, Basar on 25th November 2019. A large number of students took part in it. The exhibition was inaugurates by our chief guest sri. Nyami Nyodu (BEO). All the SSG members, parents and media were also invited in the program. The exhibitions were held in a three sections that is-

  1. Evs and social science corner
  2. Science corner
  3. Maths and creativity corner

Total numbers of models exhibited by the students are 43. In which 25 models were presented by sub junior category (IV & V) on Evs and social science and 18 models were presented by junior category (VI-VIII) on science. Class I-III stands on creativity and maths corner.

All the students very well explained about their topics to the guest and chief guest. The programmed was really very beautifully at on the end.

Sadhana Diwas Celebrated - VKV Basar

In Commemoration of Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade we celebrate Sadhana Divas on 19/11/19 in every year.   Our principal sir and Smt. Lendi yami has delivered a speech regarding childhood memories and his contribution towards country.  In honour to him we offer flowers in the image of Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade.

Sports Meet Conducted - VKV Basar

In our school we have conducted sports meet on 14/11/19 to 16/11/19. Students were equally distributed into four houses that is Shahas House, Samartiya house,  Sourya house and Shakti house. Various sports events were kept in the schedule for the Midget, sub-junior and junior for the both male and female

Essay Writing Competition Conducted - VKV Basar

On 9th November our school has conducted Inter VKVs Essay Competition among the students of Class IV to VIII. Total 100 students participated in the competition. For this competition we have prepared our students with the following:-

  1. Our school has conducted writing skill development workshop on 4th November. On the workshop followed activities were taught-
  • Way of essay writing skill
  • Step wise explanation to write a good essay
  • Provided study materials
  1. Our school has also issued library books related to the topic to the students.
  2. Before essay writing competition our school has conducted pre- essay writing competition on 6th November to make the students prepare for inter VKVs essay competition 2019.

The result selection was done by the selected teacher’s in group wise, Class IV- V Group-A and Class VI- VIII Group-B. The result details are as follows:


Group A


Group B


First position

Km. Karmi Basar


Km. Kenyir Riram


Second position

Km. Sunidhi Acharya


Kr. Gampe Ame


Third position

Kr. Suraj kr. Jha


Km. Bomter Riba



Km. Nyagam Ngomdir


Kr. Dakto Basar



Kr. Kato Kamdak


Km. Chandini Lombi



Last but not the least, the whole process and competition arrangement were

organized under the supervision of su. Junu Gogoi


NHPC STATE LEVEL-consolation prize- Kr. Loki Dada, VKV Banderdewa
NHPC STATE LEVEL-1ST PRIZE Kr Chuki Teji, VKV Banderdewa