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Vikram Sarabhai Jayanti  Celebrated - VKV Basar

Vikram Sarabhai Jayanti was celebrated on 12/08/2019 by conducting a quiz competition among the students of class I to VIII. The competition was house wise and it was made in two group’s i.e, mid zed and sub- junior. The program was started after two periods with matras as per our tradition. Welcome speech and significant of the day was given by Su. Namita Gantayat. On quiz competition all the participation as well as audience took actively participate. After competition result was also announce. Total 192 students were present

Guru Purnima Celebration - VKV Basar

On 16th July Guru Purnima Day was observed. After 2nd periods house-wise Guru Bhajan competition was conducted. The programmed starts with puja and our Principal sir welcome the children and explain them why we observed Guru Purnima after that the significance of the day was given by Sri. Gyanendra Bhandari (Sanskrit Teacher), the competition was in three categories. Each and every group sang Guru Bhajan very nicely. It was a tuff competition all participants sang devotionally, some of group sang Guru Bhajan from Sadgamaya . The programme ends with shanty Mantra. Total- 96 participants were presents the guru Bhajan. 211 students encourage their groups


On account of International Yoga Day the members of shree shree Ravi Sankar and ITBP (Indian Tibetan Border) invited our school childrens at Town Hall, Basar and ITBP general ground for observing International Yoga Day at 6:00 am, we have divided the class Shri. Gyanendra Bhandari  Su. Kenny Hokom and Smti. Hasna Bora, along with class VII students (29 students present) programme.  

 At Town Hall Basar, our Principal Sir, Su. Yabi Yomgam and Su. Karisma Sharma took the childrens of class VI and VIII (35 Students) for Yoga programme which was conducted by Shree Shree Ravi Sankar’s team

After that our school also conducted Yoga Programme in Govt. Secondary School. Nyobom. Our Principal Sir, Su. Namita Gantayak, Smti. Nirmala Pradhan and Sri Gyanendra Bandari with Five selected Students of class VIII along with 95 students and 10 teaching staff of Govt. Sec. School, Nyobom participated.

In our school after second period we started Yoga. Su. Kenny Hokom and Sri Gyanendra Bandari took the Yoga class to class III to V students there were 65 Students present.

 Sadgamaya shibir Celebrated - VKV Basar

The Sadgamaya shibir for the students studying in class VI,VII and VIII, other than VKVs was conducted for one day on 27th October 2018. A total number of 34 students from three different schools from Basar attended the camp. The strength was less as many students  has not reported in their respective schools after mid term break.


In the morning students reached the school escorted by some teaching staffs of the school. The participants  of the camp assembled in the classroom at 8:00 am. Fore mostly self introduction was done by the participants and then the faculty team of the school. Next they were divided into four groups – Siang, Lohit, Subansiri, and Kameng group and then guided about the routine to be followed for the whole day.

The programme started with the Inaugural ceremony by Smt.Margam Sora (Art of living Basar) by lightning of the lamp followed by Invocation.

Principal VKV Basar gave her welcome address and spoke on the importance of the camp. How VKV renders time to time its service to the community by such camps. She also emphasized that through the camp ones personality gets developed instilling good values and knowledge for the all round development of an individual.

Felicitation of the resource person  was done by Principal VKV Basar . Resource person for the programme were Smt.Margam Sora (Yoga instructor,Art of living), Sri Satish Kour (Sub- Inspector of medical department, ITBP Basar), Sri Marken Doke (Donyi polo Basar).

Shibir Geet was  Dharm ke liye Jiye ....... was lead and followed with the feeling to ignite patriotism in them.

Session I (Yoga)

Yoga session was taken by Smt. Margam Sora (Yoga instructor, Art of living) where students were taught loosening exercise, Surya Namaskar and various exercise, Meditation, anger and stress management.

Session II (Health and Hygiene)

Health and hygiene session was taken by Sri Satish Kour (Sub- inspector of medical department, ITBP Basar). He explained the meaning of health and hygiene – how to take care of our body parts- explained digestive system and Respiratory system – Regarding balance diet and drinking water – regular exercise is essential – Disinfected – Cross ventilation – Isolation – First Aid – Burn infection and prevention.

Session III (Indigenous faith and culture)

Indigenous faith and culture was taken by Sri Marken Doke from Donyi polo Basar. He discussed some points on speech and quotations of Swami Vivekananda – Defination of Indigenous -  Origination – Donyi poloism – Regarding faith in culture – how to maintain our culture – how culture plays an important role in our life.

Session IV  by Su. Keni Hokom told that we need to know about our great ancestors like : Swami Vivekananda – and briefed life of Swamiji , his mothers influence on him, meeting of his guru Sri Rama Krishna Paramhansa, his love for motherland India and sat in meditation looking into the past, present and future of India. How he went aboard and represented India in the parliament of religions – how sister Nivedita came to India and opened many girl’s school in the India- how his personality impressed Eknathji, the founder of Vivekananda kendra to construct the Rock memorial and establish VKV schools in Arunachal  Pradesh. Many incidents from the life of Swamiji were told making the session lively and interesting to the children rousing their curiosity to know about swamiji.


Session V  Geet Session by Su. Junu Gogoi. Session was taken practicing Shibir geet and the patriotic song.

Session VI Quiz Round was organized where different sort of question round were there. Children were excited about it. Very enthusiastically they participated in it.

Session VII (Games)  Different types of games were introduced to students. Children enjoyed the games.

Session VIII Feedback forms were given to all the participants to give their feedback of the camp. Participants of every house gave their feedback and requested principal didi to organize some more camps in future and expressed their willingness to attend for the second time if any. It really made us feel good and think that this camp had been successful and fruitful.

Library  Week - Vkv  Basar

20.11.2017:   at the very first a speech on “Importance of Library”  was  delivered by  me ; Su. Yabi Yomgam (Library in- Charge). Then displayed all the library books. There was a book exhibition. All the Children enjoyed a lot after reading varieties of book. On the every day at afternoon conducted the Drawing Competition from


Visit By Mananeeya Shraddha Patil Vyas Didi.