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Latest News

Report of Universal Brotherhood Day

Today on 11-09-2020, EMRS Bana observed Universal Brotherhood Day. Programme started with three OMKARAS, significance of the day was highlighted by Principal EMRS Bana. Other Teachers also delivered speech on the importance of Brotherhood.All the present members offered floral tribute to Swamiji,Guru Ramakrishna and Maa Sarada respectively. The programme ended with SANTIMANTRA.Total 28 people attended the programme.

Report of National Sports Day

National Sports Day was observed in EMRS Bana and certain worksheets were sent to students. The importance of the day was narrated by Sri. R. Krishna moorthy Sir PT Teacher of EMRS Bana. On account of this occasion few games were conducted.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

Today on 22-08-2020, Ganesh Chaturthi has been celebrated in EMRS Bana. A puja was done by Sri. Narayan Sarkar followed by Principal Didi and all the staff members. Importance of the day was narrated by Smt. Jutika Devi, all staff and family members offered flowers and worship to Lord Ganesha.

Independence Day Celebration

The 74th Independence Day was celebrated in EMRS Bana. The flag hoisting was done at 7:30 AM by Principal along with all the Staff members, She also spoke on the importance of the Day.
Total 20 Staff members were present.

Report of Raksha Bandhan

On 03-08-2020, EMRS Bana observed the Raksha Bandhan program in School Campus. The program started with three OMKARAS and SAHANABABTU. All the Staff members with a common idea of bonding a Rakhi to the Nature and tied Rakhi to the Plants in order to strengthen the bond between Nature and human beings. The motive behind this is to take care of the nature as it is a provider of food and life substances to one and all. Total no. of 21 members were present in the observation. The Principal welcomed all Staff members and the significance of the day was highlighted by Sri. Rakesh Vitthal Petkar, Teacher EMRS Bana.