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Swami Vivekananda's Mahasamadhi Observation - EMRS Bana

Swami Vivekananda's Mahasamadhi was observed in EMRS, Bana on 4th July 2019. On this occasion of Mahasamadhi three activities were carried on - Speech by Sri Rudra P Upadhyay , offering of flower to the  great soul and thought interpretation competition among the students.

5th international Yoga day - EMRS Bana


The 5th international Yoga day was celebrated in EMRS BANA starting with the significance of the day and importance of yoga narrated by the teacher sri. Satyendra Yadav and followed by the performance of suryanamaskar, pronunciation of mantras, performance of yogasanas by 114 students and 9 teaching staffs.

World Environmental Day Observed - VKV Emrs Bana

World Environmental day was observed on 5th pf June 2019 in EMRS,  Bana.  One the occasion we conducted Skit Competition and Drowing competition along with tree plantation among the students in the school campus.

Varsharambha Pooja Conducted - VKV Emrs Bana 

 The new session 2019-20 th Varsharambha pooja was performed at 09:00 hours on 20th may 2019. A total no of 65 students and 9 teaching staff attended the programe. On the occasion, the principal Smt.  Amudhavalli spoke about the importance of Discipline,  Determination and Devotion  (3D) in the life of Ekalavya,  after whom the school is named. 

 School level Music Competition - VKV Emrs Bana

It is to inform you that the school has conducted the School level music competition of National Music Competition on 29th September  2018 as per the guidelines received. Accordingly five groups (Boys & Girls) participated in the competition. And the selection was done by an external judge . 

Below  mentioned are the names of the participants of winning team. 
1. Sri Fetcha Delosow
2. Sri Dolo Flago
3. Sri Naga Flago
4. Sri Takar Dolo
5. Sri Nikam Niya Natung
6. Sri Jongam Loham
7. Miss Esha Degio
8. Miss Geeta Yame
9. Miss Pinky Yame
10. Miss Mely Taku
11. Miss Fema Gyadi
12. Miss Nemcha Siksa.