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Education Seminar Conducted - VKV Emrs Bana 

Education seminar was conducted in EMRS , Bana on the topic 'What does it mean to be a Model Residential School' . Under this main topic total 11 teachers participated; which comprise of 9 teachers from EMRS. Bana and 2 teachers from VKV , Wessang with various concepts. The concepts and the views are a follows;

  • Smt. K.Amudhavalli : Teaching & Learning experience.
  • Sri Satyendra Yadav : Physical Witness
  • Smt Juika Devi : Importance and development of Spoken English
  • Sri Rudra P. Upadhyay : Academic Excellnce
  • Smt Dipjyoti Gayon  : Progressive Education and Individual Diffrences 
  • Smt . Nada Angel : Development of Reading Habit
  • Sri Narayan Sarkar : Role and imporance of co- Curricular Activities 
  • Su, Hage ampa : Library Utilization
  • Smt Rekha K . N : Communication 
  • Smt Manisha Devi : What does it mean to be a Model residential school
  • Sri Nishikant Pathak : What does it mean to be a Model residential school

The Programme was attended by Sri Muralidharan , Education Officer , VKVAP Trust , Dr . Ravikant Alteker  and Sri Sanjib Kar ,Principal VKV , Wessang . The programme was initiated by describing the objectives of the Seminar by Sri Muralidharan Sir and at the end views and suggestins with guidelines were given by Sri Sanjib Kar and Dr Ravikant Alteker sir respectively.