Global Gandhi Solar Yatra Programme Organized - VKV Joram

Mahatma Gandhi has always propagated "Not mass production but production by the masses". It is high time that we pay gratitude and thus adopt Gandhian ideologies while celebrating the 150th Birth Anniversary of  Mahatma Gandhi. The Gandhi Global Solar Yatra (GGSY) is planned to promote self-sufficiency in energy for sustainability by providing complete, cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable solar energy access while protecting the environment, creating livelihoods, and empowering locals.

  A culmination event of GGSY, the Student Solar Ambassador Workshop was organized in our Vidyalaya on 2nd Oct. 2019, aimed to sensitize the young (future) generations who will be bearing the maximum burden of climate change. Their sensitization and participation as solar ambassadors in climate mitigation efforts are important. Therefore, a workshop to train students and sensitize them towards solar energy is being organized on 2nd October 2019, marking the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who epitomized the cause of non-violence (principles). Total 60 students from   VI to VIII  got hands-on training to assemble their own solar study lamp under the guidance of Mentor Sri Samiran Baruwa and Sri Prabhat Newar. All the Students Solar Ambassador on 2nd Oct.  also took a pledge of Non-Violence towards Environment . To grace the occasion  , Sri  Joram Tali , Chairperson of youth congress  was invited  as chief guest of the program .The program started with three omkaras and invocation prayer .After that the principal  introduced  the Chief –guest to students and the Chief –guest   was requested to hand over the solar kits to participants. It was followed by stepwise explanation of assembling the different parts of solar kits by Mentor Sri Samiram Baruwa . All the Student Solar Ambassador participated with great enthusiasm and interest. The workshop concluded at 1 pm with Shanti Mantra .