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Prents Meet Conducted - VKV Joram

A Parent Teacher Meet was held on 120th Dec,2019 to discuss the performance of students with their parents. There were 60 parents attended the meeting. The main objective of the meeting was to create a common platform, where teacher and parents come together to discuss student’s performance and devise ways to enrich their learning experience. Principal Shri Ashok Kumar gave the inaugural speech. The teachers briefed the parents about their ward’s performance during first- term.  Sri Pranjal Kumar Das gave a short workshop to the parents on the new pattern of assessment. The progress report for the first- term was shown to the parents and their suggestions were noted. Together they identified the areas of strength and weakness of the child and sorted out ways to boost the child’s performance. Parents were encouraged to appreciate student’s participation in all academic activities. This helped to create the necessary consciousness among parents to stimulate their interest in the students and the school. They gave their view points and suggestions to teachers regarding the school and its development. On the occasion of parents meeting a exhibition was arranged were the students of class I to VIII presented their ideas in front of patents. Total 48 students took part in the exhibition. Two respected teachers were invited from Govt. Sec. School Joram to judge the exhibition. Km. Joram Nanu and Km.Likha Ania who are going to Thiruvananthapuram  for NCSC also presented the project in-front of the parents.  Parents appreciated the exhibition and the initiative of the school. The parents gave a very positive feedback regarding the various activities and facilities provided by the school. The meeting helped to create better understanding between parents and teachers and build harmonious relationship between the school and the community. The PTM came to an end with the conclusion that the progress of the students depends on the joint effort of parents and teachers. The whole PTM meeting went from 10.a.m. till 11.30 a.m