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Republic Day Celebrated - VKV Neepco Kimi

Republic Day was celebrated in the school campus in a colourful manner. Flag hoisting was done at 7.30 am in the presence of students, well-wishers and parents. After that, Sri. L. N. Handique, Principal, VKV, Kimi, addressed the gathering. In his address he said, “We should try to become an idol for our society. And safeguard our cultural values and rich heritage of India.” He also lauded the efforts of the martyrs who laid their lives for making our country free from foreign rule. After that, the students participated in a half an hour long programme organized by NEEPCO in their own Admistrative Block. Our Students presented two colourful dances on popular beats like Jai Ho and Maa Tuhe Salam.

National Youth Day Celebrated - VKV Kimi

 National Youth Day was celebrated in VKV, ( NEEPCO ), Kimi  in a colourful manner. The 158th birthday celebration of Swami Vivekananda saw the presence of dignitaries from NEEPCO, well-wishers and parents. The programme, scheduled at 10.30 am, was conducted in the school auditorium.  Sri. N. K. Medhi, GM ( IT ), Sri N.Suklabaidya, GM ( Civil ) and Tapan Das, DGM ( Civil ),  were the distinguished guests who graced the occasion with their benign presence.

           Addressing the gathering, Sri Lakhi Nath Handique, Principal, VKV, Kimi, , shared the importance of preserving our cultural values for the existence of India. He said, “Our children should be well-informed about our culture and tradition. They should be the torch-bearers in the days to come.” Later on, Sri Mr. Medhi , GM ( IT ), also talked elaborately about the need of preserving the rich heritage of India. In his speech, he told, “Parents should act as a medium for cultural transmission and teachers should act as a thread to bridge the gap.” This two-hour long programme saw a culmination of vibrant events performed by the kids. The main hightlights were the YOGA demonstration, Gita Chanting and Gujarati Folk Dance.

Fit India Movement Celebrated - Neepco VKV Kimi

In order to create a vibe for Fit India Movement in schools, Fit India Week was celebrated in VKV, ( NEEPCO ), Kimi from 22nd   to 28th  December . This path-breaking initiative, formulated by the Sports Ministry of India, is a step towards achieving the goal of nourishing fit kids for a stronger India. This week was truly a tribute to fit life, which can only be achieved through correct instructions and fitness awareness. It was done with the sole motive of creating awareness about the rich culture of sports in India through different activities.

This week-long celebration was marked with some of the interesting activities that brought the students and teaching faculty together. All the events were conducted under the supervision of PTI  Sri Rituraj Bhuyan and Sri Prasenjit Dev.

To kick start the programme, an hour long Yoga session was organized on 22nd December for the students of Class III to V, along with the teaching staff.

23rd December started with a fresh energy, where all the students took part in a 20 minutes free hand exercise session.

On 24th December, poster –making competition was conducted for the students of Class III to V on the theme ‘Fit Body - Fit Mind – Fit Environment’.  Through this competition, our students tried to create posters which depicted an inter-connection among all the three elements, viz. body, mind and environment.

On 26th December, Sports Quiz was conducted for Class III to V. This competition, kept for developing interest in sports, saw an active participation of 70 students. It was a written test of 25 questions, which had questions from multiple disciples.

On 27th December, a Krida Yoga session was kept for the students in the evening hours. In this session, several indoor Kendra games were played with full enthusiasm. Teachers also took active part in these games and showed their love for indigenous sports.

The last day of the celebration saw a culmination of different athletic events which comprised of games like - 50 m dash, 100 & 200 m running race,  4 x 100 relay race, skipping race, sack race, etc.

Library Week & Sadhana Diwas Celebrated - VKV Kimi

Library Week was started on 19th November in connection with Sadhana Diwas. Speaking on the occasion, Principal said, “Books are an integral part of a student’s life and library is the gateway of knowledge.” He also urged the students to cultivate the habit of reading books for a better future. Students of Class III to V shared book reviews on the occasion and for one week students were taken to the library to cultivate the reading habit. Librarian and other teachers encouraged the students to read more and more books

School Level Gita Chanting Conducted - VKV Kimi

School-level Gita Chanting Competition was organized for the students of Class KG to V. In total, 155 students participated in the competition. Preparation for the same started one month before the competition. All the teachers took keen interest for making the students learn the Slokas in their respective subject classes. Students were also made to practice Gita Slokas in the Assembly. In the competition, students chanted the mantras in Groups and respectively they were evaluated by the invigila