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Childrens Day Celebrated - VKV Tezu

VKV Tezu celebrated Children’s Day with fun and gay on 14th November on its school premises. There was ‘Bal Mela’ on the theme ‘Community & Culture’. Students from Class VI to X participated in the exhibition and they were divided into various communities such as Mishmi, Adi, Tagin, Khamti, Tangsa Assamese, Bengali, Nepali & North India. Each community showcased on the given five sub topics: History, Dress & Costume, Food & Beverage, Rituals & Customs and Art & Literature. Dr Amin Tayeng, the gynaecologist, General Hospitsl, Tezu and also an VKV Alumnae graced the occasion as Chief Guest and inaugurated the Exhibition halls. He extended his appreciation over children on their talent and creativity as they have brought their tradition and culture through this project. All the parents were invited to visit the Mela along with their wards & children. The best three exhibitions which were declared by the judges are Tangsa & Tagin , Nepali and North India respectively.

Indegenous Faith Day Celebrated - VKV Tezu

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh organised Traditional Dance and Drama Competitions on its school premises as a part of celebration of IF Day on 1st  December, 2018. Teachers & students of the school participated in the morning procession along with local people as public a public programme. The Programme in the school started with invocation Mishmi Prayer by children from Mishi Faith Promotion Society followed by a welcome address by Sri S K Behera, Principal, VKV, Tezu. Students in four houses staged their cultural competitions: dramas & dances. Sri Soplan Manyu, DFO, Lohit Dist graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. He appealed the students to retain their own culture & tradition what comes to them. He also advocated that their culture and tradition is in threat due to modern life style and in the hands of certain groups. It was their responsibilities to protect and pass on their age old belief and faith to the generation. The judges for the competitions judged the events and gave the necessary feedback.

School Level Science  Exhibition  Organised - VKV Tezu

School Level Science Exhibition was organised on 11th Dec on the premises of VKV Tezu where pupils from classes IV to X enthusiastically took part. The main idea behind organizing this sort of event was to inculcate innovative and technical skill among the students and also to infuse scientific temperament amidst the age of modernization and technological advancement.

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Sadgamaya Shibir - VKV Tezu

Shibir started with the enrollment of the students from different schools. The students from four different schools namely Amik Matai Vidya Mandir, Govt. Upper Primary School, Tezu West, Govt. Upper Primary School No 1 & Govt. Upper Primary TCM were enrolled and total participants were 42 students.

At 10.00AM Shibir was inaugurated by honourable Chief Guest cum Guest Resource Dr R.K. Babu, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of IGNOU  proceeded by welcome speech given by Sri Uttam Kr Patel.

1st session was taken by Dr. R.K. Babu sir on “Personality Development” in which he asked to replace negative attitudes with positive for better personality development. He also encouraged students to read books and attend such shibir every year for improvement.

At 12.00 o’ clock all the participants were divided into four groups namely Swami Vivekananda, Sri Krishna, Maa Sharada & Sister Nivedita.

After lunch, many activities took place like shibir geet, karmyogshloka sangrah of Padavali, Ganesha Bhajan, craft activities with the help of matchstick. Finally first day ends with games session by Arun Jyoti Sisters.

2nd day of shibir starts on 9.00AM with “Aikyamantra” and Shibir Mantra. After that yoga session was taken by Sri Ashim Saikia.

After that Sri Ashokji, life worker, Vivekananda Kendra introduced “Vivekananda Kendra”and gave a lecture on the work and activities of Kendra in India and in Arunachal Pradesh in perticular. He also highlighted the challenges face by Kendra in Arunachal Pradesh and the achievements of Man. Eknathji. Sir speaks about Arun Jyoti, Swasthya Seva Manch, Arinachal bandhu Parivar and about Karyakartas.

Lastly he said – save Arunachal, save Bharat, save Dharma.

After that session Smt Shailu didi spoke about personality development and its stage by taking the example of garden. She further suggest students to

Keep their minds calm

Listen to parents

Choose good friends

Start reading good books

Be own self.

Next session was taken by Ashim Sir on ‘Health Education’ in which he taught students about various system of our body and how to maintain it properly.

After 5 minutes break, storytelling session was begun by Sri Anand Mishra, teacher Govt. Secondary School, Tezu in which he told the story of the great American President Abraham Lincon, Swami Vivekananda to teach the students about hard work and its fruit.

After lunch break many activities took place like Bhajan Competition among the groups, Karmyogshloka and shibir geet.

From 02.15PM Sri Malay Kr Maity, an artist took drawing class in which he taught basic pencil drawing with line, circle and shading.

Finally shibir participants gave their feedback.

Shibir ends up with game session taken by Arun Jyoti sisters followed by shanti mantra.

Universal Brotherhood Day Celebrated - VKV Tezu

11th September; Tezu: In tune with World’s observation of 125th years of Universal Brotherhood Day to commemorate the historic speech of Swami Vivekananda at World Parliament of Religions in Chicago, on 11th September, 1893 about his unique message of Universal Brotherhood and India’s spirituality to the West which has become monumental, Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Tezu jointly VKV Alumni Association, Lohit Unit celebrated the day on 11th September, 2018 in Tezu.

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