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Prachoday Shibir  Conducted - VKV Vivek Vihar

Prachodaya Shibir -2019 has been conducted today for Class-IX and Class-X students with a systematic and a well organized manner with the support of a team of VKV, Vivek Vihar Staff. We have got four Resource persons who are from different fields and they associated with our Kendra activities.

      The shibir is inaugurated at 9.00 A.M , Chief  guest of the shibir is Dr. SWAPNA ACHARJEE, SCIENTIST ‘C’  ,  Department of Science & Technology. Welcome address is given by our Principal.  We have four sessions as follows:

SESSION – I  :    9.00 A.M – 10.00 A.M

Resource Person   :    Dr. SWAPNA ACHARJEE , SCIENTIST ‘C’  Department of Science & Technology

 Madam has advised the students to be active and don’t leave any chapters which is taught you in your school and recalled it every day before going to bed.

Boost up your confidence and treat everyone is equal and you are the army of intellectuals to lead the future nation. All should have the quality of finding solution for all

problems which you face in your day to day life.

 SESSION – II   : 10.10 A.M – 11.10 A.M

Resource Person   :  Sri. KHEMRAJ SHARMA,PRINCIPAL Arunachal Down Hill School

Respected resource person has given a guidance to improve the students personality and explained the quality of being an excellent student. Our attitude should be diverted in positive direction, we are aware about the rabbit and tortoise story, the attitude of tortoise only makes it to win the race but the attitude of the rabbit makes it to lose the race.

Finally he touches the academic part, students are advised to split the chapters into four units and prepare the content daily, weekly and monthly.

SESSION – III       : 11.10 A.M – 11.30 A.M

 Resource Person            :   Dr.Madhuparna Bhattacharjee, Associate Professor, Head of the Depart of Geography, DN Govt. College.

Madam has stressed the following points:

Convert non-sense to sensible and science should help us to lead life happily.

You should know your strength and weakness and you should know the subject which is very much easy for it and you to give more important on it and you have to choose the major subject in degree level. Always you fell that you are a youth.

SESSION – IV     : 12.40 P.M – 01.40 P.M

Resource Person   :        Dr.Ashok Kumar Pandey, Associate Professor,Department of Commerce,  DN Govt. College.

          Sir emphasized the following points:

  1. Be polite
  2. Be grateful
  3. Be co-operative

          Enhance the positive energy, Get advice and be attentive in the class and you can achieve your target.

 Report on National Level Training of Trainers (TOT) programme

The above mentioned program organized by  SPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA (SAI) at North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, dated 1st August 2019.

I along with Sri. Dhanaji Bhendavdekar sir started the journey to our destination Shillong (NEHU) on Monday 29th July 2019 at 2:30 p.m. from VKV Itanagar. We reached shillong on Tuesday 30th July 2019 at 1.00 p.m. in the NEHU (SAI) campus. On Wednesday i. e. 31st July 2019 the programme was about to start at 7:30 a.m. sadly the former speaker of Meghalaya passes away. Due to this the program was postponed to next on day, after observing two minutes condolence for the departed soul.

            On Thursday 1st August 2019 at 8:00 a.m. program started. There were 41 participants from Arunachal Pradesh and 25 participants from Meghalaya itself.The inaugural function was marked by the presence of The Chief Guest Mrs. Brand Pokyntein (ADC, East Khasi Hills), Guest of Honour Sri. J. R. Manak  (Deputy Director MYSA) and Organizer Sri. Manikant Sharma (A. D. SAI) New Delhi. 

In the very first session master trainer Sri. Sanjay Shah informed about the tests which we have to conduct at school for the classes 1 to 12 through PowerPoint presentation. The second session was addressed by the master trainer  Sri. Guddu Rawat who focused on how to conduct the various test at the school with the help of videos.

            Followed by third session in which the registration of the schools were done on the Khelo India Portal.  After that Sri Sanjay sir explained elaborately how to conduct the online tests in the respective schools. In the fourth session all the participants did the practical tests, with this the program came to an end.

In the month of June the PT Teacher camp was organized by VKVAPT at VKV Oyan in which Sri Alokesh Boro sir had conducted a number of physical tests exactly the same things wear taught to in this program too.

Parents Meet Class I & II  Conducted - VKV Vivek Vihar

A parents meeting of class I & II  parents was held on18-07-2019 at 12 noon in the school Prayer Hall to discuss the measures taken to reduce the burden of students .118 parents attended the meeting. Sri Ravindran M V Principal VKV Vivek Vihar gave the welcome speech . He explained the goal of “Man Making Nation Building” ideals of Vivekananda Kendra . Sri Srinarayan Singh Yadav ,Primary section in-charge highlighted the changes and measures taken to stress free education in the school .

Matters like Language and Mathematics in class-I  and II ,Non-prescribing of homework, weight of the bag etc were discussed in the meeting. Shri Ashok  Kumar Mishra, teacher VKV Vivek Vihar proposed vote of thanks .The programme concluded with ‘Shantimantra’

Dress Festivel Celebration VKV Vivek Vihar

The Dress celebration was organized by Smt.Dewlu Kri & Su Deepika Nath on 04/05/2019 ,Thursday in VKV Vivek Vihar ,prayer hall . The students staying in hostel i.e. class-II to X attended the programme along with all the residential teachers .

The programme started at 6 o’clock in the evening . Shri Nani Habung was invited as the Chief  Guest .Welcome speech was given by Shri  Ravindran M V ,Principal VKV Vivek Vihar .Traditional dances and song were performed by the students. The Chief Guest motivated the student  to know their culture and preserve it. He also appreciated the trend of wearing traditional attire once in a month in the school by the students .


Mahasamadi Of Swami Vivekananda Observed - VKV Vivek Vihar

VKV Vivek Vihar has celebrated Swamiji's  117th Mahasamadi in the school . This  went in two sessions.

The first session had started at 12pm. In this event class 1st to 5th students and the class teachers had participated. Sri Upendra Chaubey sir delivered a speech on this event, he said that serve your parents and serve your teachers and he guided the students by a story to control over their mind to get success.

The second session had started at 1.15pm. All students and class teachers of 6th to 10th had participated. Sri Yadav sir gave a lecture on the life incidents of Swamiji and further he said Swamiji eternally with us in the spirit form. At last he talked about the way of reading and concentration of Swamiji. He motivated students towards swamiji's thoughts.

After the each session every students and teachers offered flowers to Swamiji. Principal Ravindran sir, teaching and non teaching staff and the students have their presence in this programme