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One day workshop on “Hands on Activity in Science “ at   Arunachal Pradesh Science Centre,Itanagar on 24/06/2019

This is here by to report about one day workshop on “Hands on activity in Science under the programme Sci-connect-2018“ at  Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science and Technology , Itanagar,Govt. of  A.P  . on 24/06/2019 .Three of our students of  class X , Ku. Dusu Sango, Ku. Anup Kumar, Km. Kency Poyom  Participated in the workshop along with teacher guide Shri.Manoj Kumar Panda. 

In the workshop we gained the knowledge on various topics such as disaster management and mitigation  , about the  earth quakes , floods ,cyclones , landslides , cloud burst , flash floods ,avalanches , unprecedented lightening  by the resource person ,Dr. Swapna Acharjee . Dr. Mungyak , Director discussed the facilities available in the APSC and how the students to benefit from  of it . Dr. P.Lombi , Scientist and program coordinator discussed about  how students can be benefitted from the science activities . There was a talk on  “ An introduction to Sun   , Universe ,Star , Galaxies , Planets  by Dr. Vivek  Kumar  , There was a talk on bio diversities in  Arunachal Pradesh  and  India , the climatic conditions of Arunachal Pradesh  the various flora and faunas  and  all the climatic conditions prevails in Arunachal Pradesh .Then there was a hands on  activity on Hydraulic Arm  , Our students made one Hydraulic arm with the available tools at science centre . Ms . Mui Susi helped the students  in  making hydraulic arm . Our students interacted with the scientists and asked about what the other opportunities prevails in the fields of  Physical sciences and  Bio sciences .At last our students received the participation certificates with trophies and cash prize of Rs.500 /-  each .

The main objective of the program is to sensitize young children towards  pure sciences , and gaining the hands on experience about various scientific objects and technologies

Report on International Yoga Day

5 th International Yoga Day was celebrated in our school as per the details given below :
Department of Health and Family Welfare ,Govt of Arunachal Pradesh organized a programme at IG park Itanagar where in our class VI – X Hostel
children (100 girls) and teachers participated .
In the school classwise children were taken to the Prayer Hall and performed Yogasana as per the protocol .
Sri Vikas Desai ,PT teacher spoke on the significance of the day .


Quiz Competition On Ocassion of Environment Day - VKV Vivek Vihar

A quiz competition on the topic Air Pollution was organized at Zoological Survey of India on the occasion of world Environment Day on 5th June 2019.

Four schools participated in the competition out of which VRPS secured the first position, VKV Vivek Vihar secured the second position and Elite Academy secured the 3rd position .

The team of our  school comprised of 3 members namely :

1.Kr.Ollung  Paron . (VIII A)

2.Km.Kritika Barman .(VIII A)

3.Km.Liya Nair . (VIII A)

Under the guidance of Shri Bulakee Ram Yadav .


‘MATRI PUJA’ was conducted at VKV Vivek Vihar School Prayer Hall on 16th February2019 at 3.00 pm for the mothers of the students of Class-X.

 At the outset, the respective wards washed the feet of their mothers with water in a ceremonial and holistic way at the threshold of the Prayer Hall.

 The Principal of the host school, Sri Y. Pradeep extended a hearty welcome to the August gathering of about 70 Parents of Class-X (both mother & father) and Well-wishers, Teachers and 45 Students of Class-X of the host school.  

 On this auspicious occasion, Sri.Satish kumar, teacher, VKV Vivek Vihar highlighted the importance of MATRI PUJA, emphasizing on the true meaning of DHARMA as one’s duty or responsibility. He asked the children to take the blessings of mother as protective cover. He advised the assembly of the mothers to realize their power and requested them to inculcate good habits among their children.

 Thereafter Matri Puja was performed religiously by Sri J P Mishra Sir.

 After the Puja, there was feedback session by the parents of Class-X.

 In the feedback session a parent, mentioned that she was highly touched by the way the Matri Puja was performed with true rituals and in a ceremonial way. She highlighted that the students of Class-X should feel themselves lucky enough that they got this sacred opportunity to touch their mother’s feet. In the end, She wished all the students the very BEST of LUCK for the forthcoming AISSE-X, 2019.

Another parent (a mother) expressed her satisfaction by mentioning that VKVs are giving a strong Platform to the students by giving all round education and adding cultural values in their life. “I’m very fortunate to be a part of this Matri Puja-2019. It is a great moment for me that I cannot express this in words.”

  The programme concluded with the prayer for peace and prosperity of the entire humanity- “SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINAHA….. “


The 70th Republic Day celebration was conducted in our school with complete patriotic fervor.

The programme consisting of a variety of events began with the hoisting of the National Flag by the Principal Sri.Y.Pradeep. He remembered the great patriots who made ultimate sacrifices for the country’s independence. He also remembered the soldiers in the border who spend their time in difficult terrain, the farmers of the country who feed us and people from all walks of life who try to make our nation great.

 After this there was a band display. After the band display there was a March past by the primary class children. A Mass drill followed this programme and finally there was a ‘yoga display’ by selected primary class girls. With their strong mind and flexible muscles they displayed their yoga skills by becoming plastic like flexibility and they conquered everybody’s’ minds.

 There was a drawing and painting competition for primary class children and volley ball match for senior boys and girls. Out of 775 children 680 students participated and a good number of well wishers from the neighborhood (about 50) participated in the programme.