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Vivek Inspire Camp - VKV Vivek Vihar 

 We , 5 girls and 2 boys of Vivek Vihar along with me reached on time . 5.30 pm prayer was held followed by the patriotic song competition of VKV Balijan .There after a brief interaction among all teachers , mentors ,escorts and RP’s from JP , Pune ( Su.Mrinmoyee , Sri N.Kulkarni & Su.Vedangi) was held.

On 6th , at 8.30 am formally the camp was inaugurated  .

At 9.00 am the session started, every morning at 8.30 am .zero movement followed by table memorisation was there .

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 Parents Meeting  - VKV Vivek Vihar

 A meeting of the parents of our class X students was conducted on 11th August from 3 pm onwards in our prayer hall.

The programme began with invocation by class X students. Then the Principal welcomed all parents to the programme.

Then all the 41parents who were present introduced themselves. This was followed by a speech by Sri.Satish Kumar (Hindi Teacher), which threw light on Swamiji, Ma.Eknathji and Vivekananda Kendra activities. Sri.M.V.Raveendran Sir presented an account on the uniform system of assessment by CBSE.

Then the teachers presented the target set by them in their respective subjects and their plans to achieve the same. According to the target set, the school is all set to repeat the tradition of best performance in this session too. For achieving the target, Principal appealed the cooperation of all parents in ensuring attendance in regular classes and special coaching classes on afternoons and holidays.

After that some of the parents expressed their experience of this parents’ meeting.

Sri.J.P. Mishra (Sanskrit Teacher) registered the vote of thanks.

Earlier four toppers of the Pre Mid Term test were felicitated by the Principal.




Kargil Vijay Diwas - VKV Vivek Vihar

“Kargil Vijay Diwas” was observed with complete patriotic fervor in our school on 26th July 2018.

After evening prayer, Sri Ripunjay Kumar Tiwari, (Sanskrit Teacher) gave a detailed account f the Kargil episode.

The facts of the foolish act of the Pakistani army to silently encroach our territory and the befitting and jaw smashing reply given by the Indian army was told.

The highlights of the war such as the supreme sacrifice made by our Jawans and the wholehearted involvement of all were told to the students.

The whole nation stood solidly behind the solid leadership of the former Prime Minister Adaraneeya Atal Bihari Vajpeyee. The disciplined Indian soldiers under the able commands of  Gen.Ved Prakash Malik, made their way into the the Pakistan territoriy.

The highest sacrifices of our brave soldiers in the difficult terrain of Batalik Sector of J&K will always be remembered.

Before concluding Sri.Ripunjay Kumar Tiwari established the power of lakhs over crores. As everyone wondered he said we the crores of Indians sleep comfortably and peacefully because there are lakhs of soldiers who spend sleepless nights across the border.

District and State Level Model Making Competition on“Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency” - VKV Vivek Vihar

Organizer: APEDA,Itanagar,Arunachal Pradesh and BEE (Govt. of  India)

Eligibilty of Students :  Class (IX to XII)

 District Level :

  • Venue: Kingcup Public school, Itanagar,Date : 11 Feb 2018
  • Two students of class IX were selected for this competition .They got 2ndposition in district level.
  • Students got a cash prize of Rs. 3000 and qualify for State level competition.
  • Names of Student:  
  • 1. Km. Runi Shangdo
  1.  Km. Tad Nimpu

 State Level : 

  • Venue:  APEDA, Itanagar  and Date : 18 Feb 2018
  • Our students performed well in State level and the model was highly appreciated by NERIST professor and APEDA officials.
  • We won 2ndposition in State Level  and got cash prize of Rs. 4000 with certificate and the Guide teacher got Rs. 1000 for their proper guidance to develop the Model.
  • The whole project of Model Making was guided by Shri.Gupta Bigop Parida.




Matri Puja - VKV Vivek Vihar

A ‘MATRI PUJA’ was conducted at VKV Vivek Vihar School Prayer Hall on 14th February2018 at 3.30 pm for the mothers of the students of Class-X.

At the outset, the respective wards washed the feet of their mothers with water in a ceremonial and holistic way at the threshold of the Prayer Hall.

The auspicious occasion was graced by respected Sri R. Krishna Kumar, Member, VKVAPT,Dibrugarh.

The Principal of the host school, Sri Y. Pradip extended a hearty welcome to the August gathering of about 100 Parents of Class-X (both mother & father) and Well-wishers, Teachers and 60 Students of Class-X of the host school.  

He added, “Your moral support is our greatest strength as well as a great motivating factor.” On this auspicious occasion, Respected Sri.R Krishna kumar highlighted the importance of MATRI PUJA, emphasizing on the true meaning of DHARMA as one’s duty or responsibility.

He advised the assembly of the mothers to realize their power and requested them to inculcate good habits among their children.

He quoted various examples from the Mahabharata correlating mothers’ role in guiding and caring for their children.

He expressed his deepest gratitude to all the respected parents for being present on this auspicious occasion of this Matri Puja spite of their busy schedule.

He also explained elaborately about the greatness of our country and the importance of GURUKUL system wherein Spiritual and Secular education was imparted to their students by the Gurus.

 He highlighted upon the following points:

 We should treat our mother as GOD. Mother is the embodiment of love and Sacrifice.

Children’s duties re to fulfill the desires of their mothers.

Mothers only give, but do not take anything back in return.

Now-a-days there is adversity seen in the modern society. Children do not

take advice of their parents positively & do not look after & care for their

parents in their old age. In fact they send their old parents in “OLD AGE HOME”

Thereafter Matri Puja was performed religiously by Sri R. Krishna Kumar sir.