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Vivek Inspire Camp - VKV Vivek Vihar 

 We , 5 girls and 2 boys of Vivek Vihar along with me reached on time . 5.30 pm prayer was held followed by the patriotic song competition of VKV Balijan .There after a brief interaction among all teachers , mentors ,escorts and RP’s from JP , Pune ( Su.Mrinmoyee , Sri N.Kulkarni & Su.Vedangi) was held.

On 6th , at 8.30 am formally the camp was inaugurated  .

At 9.00 am the session started, every morning at 8.30 am .zero movement followed by table memorisation was there .

This camp the theme was ‘observation’. All the activities , games ,write-ups were based on observations and skills .The What & Why , how to observe using all senses were explained to students and then the activities were conducted. The students enjoyed these as competitions among groups were there .

The GMAT session was taken after zero movements at 9.00am every day .

Series of numbers, alphabets & figures , coding decoding , cubes , Venn diagram were there in GMAT session .

Worksheets on GMAT was provided to students first to solve and then discussed by RP’s . ‘Series ‘GMAT was discussed /taken by me

Evening after dinner movies –‘Nil bate sannata’, A boy in striped pyjamas ‘, Bahubali ,were shown to students and given tasks to observe group wise .

Apart from this relay drawing , patch (plot) observation, Pictionary (seeing a small picture identify the object ,name sentence , situation etc) were the

Three corners section – technical ,games creativity and sciences corners were kept . students made different objects in origami, finger drawing, balloons etc. in creative corners.

Map observation and games on map reading ,drawing map . The use  of scale , colour , index , symbols were explained to students . An ideal village map was asked to prepare group wise  and students had prepared beautifully .

The camp was informative , students enjoyed while learning