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‘MATRI PUJA’ was conducted at VKV Vivek Vihar School Prayer Hall on 16th February2019 at 3.00 pm for the mothers of the students of Class-X.

 At the outset, the respective wards washed the feet of their mothers with water in a ceremonial and holistic way at the threshold of the Prayer Hall.

 The Principal of the host school, Sri Y. Pradeep extended a hearty welcome to the August gathering of about 70 Parents of Class-X (both mother & father) and Well-wishers, Teachers and 45 Students of Class-X of the host school.  

 On this auspicious occasion, Sri.Satish kumar, teacher, VKV Vivek Vihar highlighted the importance of MATRI PUJA, emphasizing on the true meaning of DHARMA as one’s duty or responsibility. He asked the children to take the blessings of mother as protective cover. He advised the assembly of the mothers to realize their power and requested them to inculcate good habits among their children.

 Thereafter Matri Puja was performed religiously by Sri J P Mishra Sir.

 After the Puja, there was feedback session by the parents of Class-X.

 In the feedback session a parent, mentioned that she was highly touched by the way the Matri Puja was performed with true rituals and in a ceremonial way. She highlighted that the students of Class-X should feel themselves lucky enough that they got this sacred opportunity to touch their mother’s feet. In the end, She wished all the students the very BEST of LUCK for the forthcoming AISSE-X, 2019.

Another parent (a mother) expressed her satisfaction by mentioning that VKVs are giving a strong Platform to the students by giving all round education and adding cultural values in their life. “I’m very fortunate to be a part of this Matri Puja-2019. It is a great moment for me that I cannot express this in words.”

  The programme concluded with the prayer for peace and prosperity of the entire humanity- “SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINAHA….. “