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CBSE Capacity Building Program on Career Guidance- VKV Vivek Vihar

This program was aimed for the students who are willing  to pursue their career in various fields viz. Medical , Engineering ,Administrator ,Actor , Tourism management ,chartered accountant ,Architect  , Computer Hardware Engineers , Software Engineers , Scientists , Researchers , Professors and News Reader etc.

On day 1 session 1  The introductory session taken by Dr. Anamika Yadav ,Asst. Professor ,Dept of Education , Rajiv Gandhi University,Duimukh ,Itanagar . Attended by 15 teachers from various schools . the session was about to understand the students mentality about what career he/ she want to take in  near future. Then we must listen carefully about the students view according to that we have the acceptability about the students thoughts if it is positive . Then the very important work to guide them about the various career perspectives  he/ she want to opt for what are the pros and cons of the career he / she want to take .

      On day 1 Session 2 Was about various activities and case studies on the various situations so that students will not be misguided, it was more information about  various universities and colleges available in India and the academic courses available in those institutions

      On day 2 session 1  Was about the dimensions of career information in this the resource person discussed for guiding young people in making realistic career choices , it is important for the counselors and teachers to understand each dimension of career in detail and collect the appropriate information these details will help the counselors and teachers to distinguish between what can be expected in different jobs and also between jobs within each occupational group .

      On day 2 session 2 Was about educational and personal requirements in order to take admission by the students in various professional or vocational courses , a student needs to know the educational and personal requirements of the chosen course . The students can enter the educational course or training after different levels of educational course or training after different levels of education such as General Education , Secondary Education , Senior Secondary education , Graduation ,Post Graduation and Doctoral degrees and need to provide certain information to their students such as abilities , interest , social skills , emotional stability , maturity , work related attitude and values and personal values and concerns .

            The overall program was very good  and it was a pleasure to attend the program it was knowledgeable and informative .