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Sadgamaya Shibir Conducted - VKV Nivedita Vihar

As per the instruction of Our VKVAPT we the staffs of VKV NIVEDITA VIHAR arranged and conducted a SADGAMAYA SHIBIR for various Govt School Children of nearby villages of Seijosa. All the activities, regarding the Shibir was done under the Guidance of our Cluster In-Charge Sri. Y. PRADEEP Sir.

Duties and Responsibilities were distributed as follows:

  3. SHIBIR SANGATHAK -                 S.M. JAYAKUMAR
  5. BHOJAN PRAMUK -                     PRIYANKA BORUAH
  9. LIGHT & SOUND, HALL ARRANGEMENT           -           S.M. JAYAKUMAR
  10. FEED BACK SESSION -                          GIRIJA SINGARAVADIVELU
  1. SHIBIR ANCHORING -                    ARADHANA SAIKIA
  3. GAMES AND YOGA -                       SHYAMALI MORAN

 The Activities and Session details of SADGAMAYA SHIBIR are enclosed.

13.10.2019 - Sunday

About 4.30 pm 33 outside students of Seijosa and nearby villages of various schools reached to Nivedita Vihar School premises. They were received and taken to hostel by Su. Shyamali Moran games teacher VKV N.Vihar.

The children were put tilak and provided sweets by our hostel warden Su. Priyanka Bora

All the children were registered their name and their details one after another, it was taken care by Smt. Doli Gogai, Su. Aradhana Saikia, Su. Lekhi Pema Khomu teachers of N. Vihar, and were taken to their respective hostel to accommodate by our house keeper Smt. Reena Das.

Exactly 6pm all the children were attended prayer and was lead by Smt.Ranjana Srivastava Principal VKV N.Vihar. All were provided a set of pamphlet which contained Ikya mantra, Shanti mantra, Geeta for daily life, Bhajans, and patriotic songs.

After prayer children were asked to self introduce themselves. Immeadiately after this, the camp participants were divided into 3 groups. Named as follows : NIVEDITA, SULEKSHANA & SUKANYA. Then  Geet abhyas session was conducted by Smt. Ranjana Didi upto 7.30 pm.

         7.30 pm dinner provided and all were taught Bhojan Mantra before taking food. About 8.30 pm -9 pm in Geet abhyas session patriotic songs were taught by Smt. Ranjana Didi, Smt Reena Didi and other teachers. From 9 pm – 9.20pm happy assembly was conducted by Smt Ranjana Didi. And allowed to sleep by 9.30 pm.

 14.10.2019 – Monday

5 am wakeup and children finished their morning abolitions and 6 am attended prayer lead by Smt. Ranjana Didi. Then Su.Shyamali Moran engaged them by teaching Exercises and Yoga up to 7 am.


Exactly 8.30 am Shibir was inaugurated by Sri Mishra Sir, teacher Govt.Hr.Sec.School Seijosa. Sri. Mishra sir gave a beautiful motivational speech to children about the Sadgamaya Shibir. Before that our Principal Didi felicitated our Chief Guest and gave a welcome speech.


By 10.15 am after the inauguration, First session was taken by Smt. Ranjana Didi abot VIVEKANANDA KENDRA. In her speech, she explained about Kendra, its origin, Swamiji, brief history of Swamiji, Chicago Address by Swamiji, Mananeeya Eknathji’s attempts to build Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari, life workers of Kendra, VKV Schools in Arunachal Pradesh etc. clearly to the camp participants.

After this snacks were provided to the participants as refreshment by Su. Priyanka Boruah.

         By 11.30 am – 12.30 pm Sri. Mahendranath Maharana sir conducted a session about DRAMATISATION & PRESENTATION. He told many stories of Swamiji for making dramas, and explained clearly about the making of scene creation and presentation of a drama. And asked the children to present one drama from each group. After giving 15 minutes time for their preparation, they presented dramas of Swamiji’s life.


From 12.30 pm to 1.15 pm Smt. Ranjana Didi taught some CRAFT work of making Greeting Card by using Chart paper, Leaves, Colour paints etc. And the children themselves did many Greeting Cards.

From 1.20 pm – 2.20 pm allowed the children to take their lunch and some rest. Then next session by 2.20 pm started with Shibir geet. By 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm Dr. Sri. Tapu Tok An Ex- VKVian and Alumini member took the session about HEALTH AND HYGIENE. He advised the children how to maintain hygiene, maintaining their health, staying away from drugs, mobiles etc. And also he demonstrated a hand washing technique. And children also repeated the same. Before that he was welcomed and felicitated by our Vice Principal Sir Sri.S.M.Jayakumar.


From 3.30 pm – 4 pm Sri Y.Pradeep Sir our Cluster In charge took a session about INDIA’S CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE WORLD. How India is leading in various fields like, Medicine, Scienctific Inventions, Yoga, Food Habits, Culture, Mathemetics etc very nicely.

From 4 pm onwards children were allowed to play various games in outside playground. It was taken care by Su. Shyamali Moran.

6 pm Prayer followed by conducting simple SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS like Starch test in food items, Various types of objects like Opaque, Transparent, Tranlucent, Megnetic effects like repelling and attracting the poles, Parts of plant, How the light is reflecting back through a mirror were explaind by Smt. Girija Singaravadivelu, up to 7.30 pm.


By 8.30 pm – 9.20 pm Geet abyas session was followed by happy assembly conducted by Smt. Girija Singaravadivelu.

15.10.2019 – Tuesday

By 8.30 am – 9.30 am Story Telling Session was conducted by Smt. Girija Singaravadivelu. She told Stories from MAHABHARATA, TENALI RAMA and two MORAL STORIES.

By 9.30 am – 10.30 am Smt. Ranjana didi taught some CRAFT WORK of making FLOWER and DOLL. Children also learnt happily and made flowers themselves.


From 11 am – 12 pm A Session of STORIES FROM THE LIFE OF SWAMIJI was conducted by Sri Akal Bayor Teacher VKV Seijosa Boys School. In that many incidents from Swamiji was told by him.

From 12 pm – 1 pm Simple MATHEMATICAL ACTIVITIES was taught by Sri. S.M.Jayakumar Sir. Some practical workouts also given and solved by him. Children took part in that session happily.  



Exactly by 2.30 pm onwards SADGAMAYA SHIBIR VALEDICTORY FUNCTION was conducted. Sri. TASU TAKU Sir   well-wisher and SSG Member of our VKV NIVEDITA VIHAR  and also a parent of our Old Student of Km. Naina Taku was invited as a Chief Guest.  He gave a very good motivational speech about Swamiji and VKV to the camp participants.

Before that, in Valedictory Function the Camp Students were asked to present one PATRIOTIC SONG  and one BHAJAN from each group. After that they were asked to express their experience of 3 days of SADGAMAYA SHIBIR as a feed back.

Next to students’ feedback Smt. Girija Singaravadivelu presented feedback and camp report.

Finally by 4.30 pm SADGAMAYA SHIBIR was concluded with Shanti Mantra followed by KENDRA PRAYER after distributing of sweets and Swamiji’s book as a prasada to all.