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NSS foundation Day Webinar  Conducted - VKV Itanagar

Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of involving students in the task of National Service Materialised on 24th September 1969. This day is observed as NSS Day in School and Colleges every year.

VKV Itanagar, NSS Unit conducted on online yoga session in the morning for the physical fitness of NSS volunteers.

A webinar in which Sri Vishwas Lapalkar, former Secretary of VKVs in Arunachal Pradesh spoke about the twin ideals of Renunciation and Service. Through ‘tyaga’ only ‘Service’ is possible. He said that Ramakrishna Math and Mission was founded by Swami Vivekananda in 1897 to serve the needy. The Aim of NSS is to develop personality of students through social service.

He also said that every human being is unique and each one has to develop into social man and Devine man. “Service to Man is Service to God”, should be the ideal of NSS volunteers. He advised the volunteers to serve the society without expecting any name or fame.

Sri Harinath Upadhyaya, Sanskrit Teacher of the Vidyalaya taught a patriotic song to the volunteers. Km. Manisha Yadav and Km. Anuja Rajendra Kakade presented invocation and closing prayer.

Dr. Kakade Rajendra Chhagan, Principal, Sri Uthaman VN, Programme Officer NSS also spoke on the occasion.