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 Vivek Inspire - VKV Seijosa

The students of Class VII of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya participated in the Vivek Inspire Workshop which was held from 6th August to 

11th August 2018 at VKV Balijan. This was the 3rd Batch and the selected students from Eight VKVs participated in that workshop. We reported at Balijan VKV in the afternoon and the three Resource persons from Jnana Prabodhini, Maharashtra briefed a little about the next day’s schedule. The Resource persons briefed about the purpose of the workshop and it’s different activities.

Vivek Inspire, whose aim is to nurture the talents of the meritorious students so that they can harness themselves developing their various skills and talents through different activities. So, theme of the Vivek Inspire Workshop was kept as ‘Observation’, so that they can make themselves as a keen observer.

The first session of the day was started with Prayer and Zero movement. Then the students were engaged for recitation of the Multiplication table (1 to 30), Squire table and Cube tables. Somewhere the students were found a little passive so the undersigned them with poems in a singing tune and tried to give the singing tune in table recitation.
Coding-decoding sessions were very interesting. All were found very attentive solving the problems. We, the Mentors also helped and guided the children. The Resource persons interacted with the students on tables.

To make the students active and draw their attention, songs – such as “Dal Chawal? Hum Nahi Khate. Kyun Nahi Khate? Namak Kam Hai….”, “Aao, Guna Guna Gao…………..” were introduced with actions. The children enjoyed a lot and they also sang together.

On the basis of the theme of the workshop, the Observation Session started with involving all the groups through various activities. The joyful activities like ‘Description of a theme, Draw and Guess’ and ‘Frame Game’ were very interesting and entertaining. Lots of curiosities were there and participated enthusiastically. Mentors also played the game with them.

Another striking feature of the Observation Session was ‘Observation of a patch’. All the groups prepared observation notes for presentation.

There were the Audio-Visual sessions of Maps. Students were assigned to think of the structure of the model village so that they can present it in an aerial view. All the mentors and students engrossed themselves drawing the aerial view of a model village.

Students in the Creative Session became very curious and imaginative where they were given two picture sheets for story or poem writing. They observed the various characters and their activities with a holistic view and wrote stories and poems. Resource persons appreciated their efforts.

In the presentation session, the students presented their observation reports of the patch that they observed, stories or poems and maps of the model village.

The Games Corner was also interesting and entertaining. Students played happily with Jenga and Mechano. Played with colours; designed flowers and butterflies with paper cuttings. They were seemed as a good observer when they experimented the slides through Folds copes.

The most entertaining games activities like ‘Relay Drawing’, Relay Drawing Game’, ‘Leader, Leader, Action Change’ , ‘Jack-Zoo’, ‘Boom Sack’, ‘Draw and Guess’ and ‘Doctor, Doctor, Help us’ were most fascinating.

In the Documentary and Movie sessions, the students happily enjoyed the programmes which were awe-inspiring videos. They were assigned the tasks for observations and making a brief report on it.

The Resource persons and mentors seated daily along with the Principal of the Host School to discuss the activities that implemented on the day. Each group offered the feedbacks and innovatives and also discussed about the activities of the next day.

The students, in the feedback session wrote the feedbacks of the workshop that they experienced throughout these five days in various sessions. Mentors also submitted the feedback sheets separately. A Mini Cultural Programme was kept to expose the hidden talents of the students. They presented songs, dance, jokes and Oral instrumental sounds.

Vivek Inspire, which is the most awe-inspiring one, attending for the first time; felt overwhelmed because it helps the students as well as the teachers to make good relationship between them. Really, it is an open platform for the teacher and taught involving them through various activities so that they can excel in their life smoothly in various fields.




Social Service - VKV Seijosa

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Seijosa took a great initiative on 8th July 2018 for repairing the road located near the Power House of Seijosa. The teaching staff and the residential students ( From Class VII to X ) contributed their labour for repairing the eroded part of the road which created a great problem, carrying the Day Scholar students from Upper Seijosa to School.

The students and staff did hard labour collectively to give the shape of the road. The neighbour passes by and well-wishes appreciated the efforts taken by the school.

Sadgamaya Shibir - VKV Siejosa

VKV Seijosa conducted SADGAMAYA SHIBIR on Oct 2017 for the session 2017 -18. The students of class VI to VIII from Niti Darlong Middle School, RWD colony and A2 Middle School participated in the programme . It was conducted for two days. The followings are the details of the Shibir. 

  1. Topics covered : Topics were kept as per the interest and level of the children , such as
  • Personality development.
  • Culture and tradition.
  • Health and hygiene.
  • Vedic mathematics.
  • Creative art.

      The guest speakers and resource persons were invited to enlighten the students.

  1. Fee: An amount of Rs. 50 was collected as a cam fee. Maximum students, who were belonging to poverty line, had given relaxation and facilitated the camp inspiration.
  2. Participation of VKVians : The day – scholar students of our school were not invited . Only bhaiyas wards had participated the camp. But for this session we have decided to invite the day- scholar students to participate in the event.
  3. Strength: For the last two years the numbers of the children were 60 to 70. More number of students is expected this year.
  4. Suggestion of staff: Session related to environmental issues will be kept with the help of Pakke Tiger Reserve.

National Service Scheme (NSS) - VKV Seijosa


On 17th June 2018 , NSS unit is inaugurated in our school . Orientation for NSS programmes, its purpose and works were spelt out by Mr. Pranjal Saikia  to the students of class-IX and X in the presence of Mr.Tage yapa , Mr. Krishna Kumar Tiwari. Mrs. Ranjana Srivastav(Principal) enlighten the students about the importance of NSS activities and declared NSS unit as Open .

After the inauguration programme  cleaning and gardening activity is done.  Volunteers  with spades, grass cutter , khurpi , started their works from 10 am under the guidance of Mr. Tage yapa , Mr. K.K. Tiwari and Mr. Pranjal Saikia . Following activities were done on the mentioned date –

# Brooming, Grass cutting and stone gathering.

# Few boys collected the wrappers ,cow dung etc.

# Planting of saplings in new garden .

# Repairing of fencing

International yoga day –  VKV Seijosa

 Vivekananda Kendra vidyalaya seijosa observed the auspicious occasion of International Yoga day in the school premise on 21st June 2018 in a grand manner. Honorable ADC Sri. T.R Taku Inaugurated the occasion as a Chief Guest and B. Roy, BEO of Seijosa as a guest of honor. The students of nearby two schools i.e. Niti Darlong Middle School and R.W.D Colony Middle School were invited to participate in that event. Besides, the complete staff members of Seijosa PHC also came for participation.

After welcome address & significance of the day loosening exercises and Yoga aasan and Pranayam were demonstrated and all the students, teaching staff.Finally, Honorable ADC Sir Briefed the importance of Yoga to maintain our body fit, strong and healthy.