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ATL Training Programme Phase I - VKV Seijosa


The workshop took place from 6th-11th January 2020 at VKV Seijosa. The trainer reached the venue at 02:15 p.m. on 6th January and had a formal discussion for fine tuning of the agenda and coordination of facilitation. The trainer gave full support in the inspection by niti ayog and handled the inspectors very professionally. 


M/s Novation Pvt Ltd. 


 Sri Pankaj Soni.


  • To foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in the young minds.
  • To give training on electronics (Robotics).
  • To inculcate skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, and adaptive learning.
  • Giving opportunity to work with tools and equipment, fosteringinventiveness.
  • Able to exchange knowledge and learn from one another through regional and national level competitiveness, exhibitions and workshop on problemsolving.
  • Design and fabrication ofproducts.


 The training workshop was attended by 2 teachers and 21 student


  1. Pankaj Soni ( VKV, Seijosa)
  2. Girija S.V. (VKV, Nivedita Vihar)


 Students Experience:-

 Training was wonderful and very interesting. We want next training very soon – By Kr. Rutam Dodum – VI.

 The Training Workshop:

 DAY 1: 7thJanuary 2020

After having the formal discussion with the trainer, students were selected from classes VI to IX in two groups as Batch I (VI-

  • And Batch II (IX) based on their scientific temperament and academic performance. The program started with the inauguration session. The session started with the introduction to ATL. The discussion point are mentioned below

Point wise:

  1. Introduction to ATL.


 DAY 2: 8thNov 2020

  1. Introduction to Mblock.
  2. How to create game story in Mblock
  3. Addition of Two Numbers.

DAY 3: 9thJanuary  2020

  1. Introduction to 3d printing
  2. Practical on 3d printing
  3. Introductio0n and practical on cura

DAY 4: 10thJanuary  2020

  1. Practice of designing on Tinkercad
  2. 3d printing of design
  3. Basics of electronic components
  4. Basics of arduno

DAY 5: 11thJanuary  2020

  1. Practice of Basic LED Circuit on bread board.
  2. LED blinking practical with Mblock
  3. Introduction to IR Sensor and PIR sensor.
  4. Intruder and motion detector project using Mblock.


  1. Importance of lab explained.
  2. Students learnt the basics of 3D modeling and how to prepare3D models.
  3. Students learnt LED blinking using IDE.
  4. Students learnt about models using Arduino board and sensors.