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 National Legal Awareness Day Observation - VKV Kuporijo

Observation on National Legal Awareness Day

  1. Lighting the Lamp by Honourable Judge CJM Sri Moji Ette
  2. Welcome Speech by Principal, VKV Kuporijo
  3. Introduction Round
  4. Lecture on victim compensation scheme 2011, Motor accident claim and domestic violence act 2005 by Advocate K. Tamuk
  5. Lecture on Juvenile justice care and protection, child right and protection of Children from sexual offense act 2012 by RT. Advocate Sogum
  6. Lecture on lok adalat, legal aid clinic and access to legal services authority act by Advocate K. Haji
  7. Lecture on para legal volumteers scheme by Sri Takio Jaring
  8. Conclusion by Honourable Judge CJM Sri Moji Ette
  9. Shanti Mantra by All

Global Gandhi Solar Yatra Programme Organized - VKV Kuporijo


  1. Welcome speech by Sri Rajib Konwar
  2. Importance of the day by Sri Suman Kondha
  3. Speech by Chief guest Dr. Bhabotosh Paul
  4. Motivational speech by Sri Tripur M. P. Chaubey ,Principal
  5. Overall Programme conducted by Sri Suman Kondha (Mentor) & Sri Harmohan Dash (Mentor)
  6. Photography By Sri Mayanglambam Saroj Kr. Singh
  7. Refreshment by Sri Sailendra Nath Dhar
  8. Shanti Mantra By All



Viswakarma Puja Celebrated - VKV Kuporijo

Health Chekup Conducted - VKV Kuporijo

 Universal Brotherhood Day Celebration - VKV Kuporijo

  1. Lighting of the Lamp With Mangalacharan by Sri Nyajir Gusar, CDPO, Gusar Circle
  2. Felicitation of the Chief Guest & Guest of Honour by Principal Sir
  3. Welcome Speech by Principal Sir
  4. Chicago Address Speech by Kr. Nyaloma Bulo,Class-IX
  5. Importance of the Day by Sri Rajib Konwar
  6. School Report 2019-20 by Sri Susanta Prodhan
  7. Exhibition of ATL by ATL Incharge & Students
  8. Patriotic Song by Kr. Nyaloma Bulo, Kora Mosu,Lukman Maying
  9. Cultural Programme conducted by Sri Rajib Konwar & Smt. Runi Devi Chaubey
  10. Words of Wisdom by Chief Guest Sri Nyajir Gusar,CDPO,Gusar Circle
  11. Anchoring by Sri Suman Kondha
  12. Vote of Thanks by Sri Suman Kondha
  13. Refreshment by Sri M.Saroj Kr. Singh & Sailendra Nath Dhar