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Deshbhakti Kavi Sammelan Held in VKV Kuporijo

An event celebrated every year by the VKVs to infuse the poetic interest among the contemporaries and to increase the zeal of patriotism; VKV Kuporijo organized the “Deshbhakti Kavi Sammelan” in connection with the 67th Republic Day, on 28th Jan 2016 in its Hall. Around 350 fans of poem took part in the event wherein selected young poet from various schools namely Si-Donyi Public School, Abotani Middle School, Adarsh Public School, Govt. B. M. School, Govt. Sikarijo Sec. School, Vivekananda Public School, Govt. Lida Sec. School, Govt. H. S. School and VKV Kuporijo of Daporijo area presented their mesmerizing self created poems.

Appear as the Chief Guest, Sri. Denesh Kr. Divakar, Lacturer DIET Daporijo, appreciated the budding poet for their full of patriotic poems. He also appreciated the efforts of the VKVs and Kuporijo in particular for their outmost effort in providing a nice platform to the young poets, propping up the poetic talent in them. Sri. Vijay Murtem, Principal DIET Daporijo, was also present in the program to ecstasy the sweet swigs of the poems. The participants were awarded with medal and certificate.

Samartha Bharat Parva Report

VKV Kuporijo celebrated Samartha Bharat Parva from 25th December 2015 to 12th January 2016. Following activities were undertaken:


  •  Speech by teachers, daily highlighting on one aspect of “Bharat” in order infuse patriotic spirit.
  • Singing of Vandemataram by entire group of students.
  • Display of collage boards on Ma. Eknathji, Swamiji, Monuments, Great leaders and notable achievements of Indians .
  • Inviting guest speaker Su. Nima Namchoom, DIPRO Daporijo (former student of VKV Tafrogam) on 4th January 2016. She stressed on using mother tongue at home and to speak good English. She also shared her experience in VKV Tafrogam.

VKV Kuporijo Observed Library Week

VKV Kuporijo Observed Library Week from 19th to 26th Nov 2015 by conducting various activities to enhance reading habit among students and teachers as follows:       1) Book donation by students and teachers.  77 nos. of books collected.2)Book Exhibition organized in school playground for primary.  All students visited     the  exhibition stall and read different type of books.3)   House wise book review competition was organized. Each house was asked to present a book review on Ma. Eknathji. 16 students from four houses presented book review.  They selected different types of books like novels, folk tales and fiction. Three teachers judged their presentation and declared the results as given below.4)Visit to district library Daporijo. 90 students of Class – IX escorted by teachers visited district library and got exposure of reading different kinds of magazines and books. They interacted with junior. dist. librarian.

Samidha organized at VKV Kuporijo

Concluding the yearlong Ma. Eknathji Janma Shati Parva, a gathering of  well wishers and Karyakarta called Samidha was organized here in VKV Kuporijo on 19/11/15.

Talking on the topic “The need of selfless work and Samidha”, Sri. Jumni Liguji, Nagar Pramukh, said that it’s good to be economic i.e, using the resources in right way, but it should also include share for  social welfare. He also said that we should do selfless work if we want to see a better world. He urged everybody to come forward for selfless service.

Addressing the gathering on “Need of Organized work” Chief Guest of the programme, Sri. Puluk Lidaji, President IFCSAP, Upper Subansiri Dist.  said that there are various organizations in our country doing things for one purpose i.e. nation’s welfare. In the process, they help each other in accomplishing work in a organized way which is very necessary,. He also said that the present generation must protect its indigenous faith and culture which was also a dream Swami Vivekananda. He appealed all to become patrons of Vivekananda Kendra and contribute in its activities

Toys from Trash Exhibition

To induce the innovative thinking among the students that many useful things can be created from what we call as the trash, VKV Kuporijo organized “Toys from Trash Exhibition”. A Total 137 nos. of participants of class-IIIrd to Xth students participated in the program with their together 118 nos. of amazing creations made from the trash. The models included Airplanes made from Cold drink bottles; kettle models made from coconut shells; dancing duels made from disposal plates; Photo frames from cartoon box; Bags from wrappers; cars and home from used cards etc etc. Speaking as the Chief Guest for the program Shri. S. B. Singh, Lecturer DIET Daporijo, said that many things human throw here and there which causes unnecessary dumping without knowing that beautiful things can be created from the same. If children will be induced in the way as done in the said program then surely there will be less dumping in the town and cities. He added that program like “Toy from the Trash” provokes the creative thinking of the students which ultimately leads to the creation of a genius mind. He appreciated the VKV authority for organizing such marvelous program and also urged 47 nos. of parents and well wishers together present in the program to support such effort.