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Universal Brotherhood Day celebration

Universal Brotherhood Day was celebrated in befitting manner in VKV Namsai by following the Covid19 protocol. Even Though it was a small programme, the enthusiasm of the participants made the day very promising. The major programme was the completion of the coconut tree plantation  by the VKV Alumni group, Namsai. The saplings were provided by the Horticulture Department. We register our gratitude to Sri.Sudhir Bhide for arranging us 50 saplings for campus beautification. The alumni group took up the plantation programme. S/Sri Ratna Manpoong, Mocambo Hopak,Tichanam Singkai, Money Singkai,  Vishnu Manwai and Smt.Sujata Namchoom sponsored the programme. After the programme we sat to listen to the speech of Ma.Balakrishnan ji.

Guru Purnima Celabrated - VKV Namsai

VKV Namsai joined all the centres of Vivekananda Kendra in celebrating the Guru Purnima in a befitting manner on 05 July 2020.

We put the matter with the VKV Alumni, and a few parents and well wishers. Accordingly the programme was organized at the Buddha Vihara, Namsai. We decided to honour and felicitate the head monk Baddhante Aggadhamma.

 The program began at 10. Am with the traditional Buddha chantings, where the Banthe himself took the lead. Chow Tichanam Singkai of VK, Namsai and Alumni Association gave the welcome address. Chow Thamseng Chowlik, our Class IV student made a small speech on the importance of the day.

After that it was felicitation of the head monk. He was given worthy gifts and this was followed by a speech by Chow Tewa Enling, a public leader of the area. He lauded the activities of VKVs and asked everyone to do the work on two principles such as “Bahujana Hitaya and Bahujana Sukhaya”.

After that the Banthe Agadhamma gave the Asheervachan. He said the importance of Guru Purnima in detail. He added that the present day teachers have great responsibilities. It is like moulding an ornament. The gold will be heated, beaten, flatten and so on to make a beautiful ornament. The same way the students and parents also should understand that all the pressures which the child undergoes are for making his future a bright one.  


The entire programme was well planned as per the Covid 19 protocol, where sanitiser, mask and social distancing etc were arranged.

There was provision for refreshment after the conclusion from the side of the alumni group. Apart from our students children from VKV Jairampur and Sunpura also joined us.

Altogether 47 persons attended the programme

Inaugaration Of VKV Namsai

The formal inauguration of VKV Namsai was held today (27 January 2020) in the school campus by the Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein and Hon’ble RWD Minister Sri.Honchun Ngandam in the presence of Namsai MLA Chow Zingnu Namchoom and Lekang MLA Smt.Jummum Ete Deori, amidst Buddhist sacred sloka chanting by Venerable Bhante Aggadhamma and his disciples. Namsai Deputy Commissioner Sri.Bijoy Talukdar was also present.

The entire programme was supported by the VKV Alumni group from Namsai. Distinguished guests from Chowkham, Lathow, Wakro and Tezu were also brought in. The entire HODs from all departments in Namsai and the Central VKV Alumni Association office bearers attended the programme where the band and Lezim teams from VKV Tafrogam enthralled the audience with their skilled performance.

The Deputy Chief Minister was all in praise of VKVs for making the former students glued to their Alma-matar. This is a culture imbibed from VKVs.  The Hon’ble MLA Zingu Namchoom told his effort to bring a VKV to Namsai and how lucky he feels now.

All speakers wished the new VKV in Namsai which is the 40th in Aunachal, bring laurel to the state as well as the society. Earler the Deputy CM had asked the VKV administration to give a Khamti language teacher.

Altogether there was an attendance of 520 persons. (Including 94 students from VKV Namsai and 70 students from VKV Tafrogam)

As per tradition the meeting began with Aikya Mantra and concluded with Shanti Mantra.

All the people who attended the programme left the campus after enjoying the local food arranged by the alumni.

National Youth Day Celebrated -VKV Namsai

It was a wonderful moment for the students, parents, teachers, well wishers and the alumni members as they were becoming a part of history by participating in the first ever National Youth Day celebration at VKV Namsai.

This was also Swamiji's Jayanti as well as the culmination of the Samarth Bharat Parva celebration which began on 25 December.
The programs began with Bharat Mata Arati. Then the students, parents, well wishers and the alumni members together went out for a procession. It passed through the medical colony, district hospital, Buddhist temple and reached Namsai town tinali and returned to school. On the way there were slogans on Bharat Mata, Swamiji and National unity.
After reaching the campus there was a meeting. It was presided by Sri.Jumtum Potom , AE of DUDA where Sri. Mowney Singkai welcomed the gathering. Sri.Madhu Bal highlighted the importance of the day and Smt.Khetrani Longphoi gave the vote of thanks.
The program concluded with Shanthi Mantra.
The gathering left the place after enjoying sweets and snacks.