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National Youth Day Celebration - VKV Niausa

National Youth  day  was celebrated on 12th Jan’21 in the school premises of VKV NIAUSA with full enthusiasm. Parents, Well-wishers, School Supporting Group Members, were invited on the occasion. Sri.Wangpho Wangsu (President  of Land Donor Society) , Sri Lempho Wangsu ( Secretary  of  Land Donor Society),Sri Nokse Wangsu ( Treasurer of Land Donor Society  ) and Mukul Ji ( Well-wisher of Vivekananda Kendra) were the Special Guest of the programme. The programme started with Vande Mataram.   Sri Ashis Chatterjee,  Principal, VKV  Niausa gave the welcome speech and expressed his highest gratitude to all the people who were physically present in the programme. Sri Rajesh Paul (Teacher) gave a brief life sketch of Swami Vivekananda and his teachings  in a very detailed way.  A small  cultural program was presented  by  students which included Local Traditional dance, patriotic song and Classical  dance. 

Vijay Diwas Celebration - VKV Niausa

VKV Niausa celebrates Vijay Diwas on December 16th  to commemorate India’s victory over Pakistan in 1971. Sri Satyajit Roy teacher , highlighted on the significance of the day “ The victory is unique and unparalleled as it was on this day that 93000 Pakistani troops surrendered to the Indian Army eventuating in subsequent secession of East Pakistan into Bangladesh.”  We the teaching fraternity with students remember the sacrifice of soldiers and shower respect to freedom fighters and Martyrs.  Students of Class X and IX were present along with teachers.  

Sadhana Diwas Celebrated - VKV  Niausa

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrated - VKV Niausa


  To reinforce the significance and importance of truth and love in our lives a small programme was arranged to commemorate 151 st birthday of father of the nation -Mahatma Gandhi,at school prayer hall.

The programme started with lightening the lamp . Sri Rabindranath Tiwari  narrated on the importance of the day, where he recalled characteristic aspect of the Satyagraha  and Gandhi's principle of Ahimsa. He also elaborated  the role of Gandhiji in freedom movement of India.

Two popular bhajans of Gandhiji namely ‘Vaisanava  Jana' and Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram' were sung by all . All teaching and non teaching staff offered their floral tribute ..  The programme  winded  up with Shanti mantra.

Simultaneously our students also celebrated  the day  in their home by doing prayer and bhajan.  

Universal Brotherhood Day Celebrated - VKV Niausa

The message of Universal Brotherhood that is  acceptance to all despite its distinct differences based on culture and traditions, religion, regions, and many mores. Vivekananda Kendra has organised various programme on digital platform right from Kanyakumari and other institutions of Kendra giving the message of “Universal Brotherhood”. In connection with the same Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Niausa, Longding too organised  following activities which begun from 9th of September 2020 , these are Drawing competition, quotation writing and decoration of its meaning in its best way, Article writing on significance of the day, Audio and video record on the significance of the “Universal Brotherhood Day” at present scenario.

The Vidyalaya  recorded  a track  on the significance of the day and sent it to all the students and well wishers using social media.

All teachers attended the webinar Organised by Vivekanada Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation.

All teachers attended webinar organised by SACAR.

The Vidyalaya also organised an event at school on 11th of September 2020 keeping all the norms of government in execution.