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Guru Purnima Celebrated - VKV Nirjuli

 In keeping with the tradition of revering our gurus for their invaluable contributions in shaping the minds and characters of young people, VKV Nirjuli celebrated the auspicious occasion Gurupurnima on July 5th 2020 from 5 PM to 6:30 PM. 35 staff members and 8 Arun Jyoti karya kartas attended the program.

   The program started with the discussion of the letter on Guru Purnima from Man. Nivedita Didi to sensitize the place of gurus in our Indian culture and their unfathomable role not only for the nation but for the entire humanity. Shri M.R Lalu gave a brief significance of the day emphasizing on our rich cultural heritage of ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’, which have been an epitome for the world for thousands of years. Citing the example of Mahabharata and Gita , he established a compendium on the legacy of the kernel of Guru in Indian culture. Shri Krishna Kumar Mishra delivered a speech on Veda Vyasa and narrated short stories of Guru Vakti.

 The vibrant Guru bhajans that were sung by the teachers and Donyi Polo Prayer song created a perfect ambience of the celebration followed by “Nirvanastakam”. The program was summed up by singing Kendra prayer