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It was a day of great contentment and pride for VKV Oyan. The land of VKV Oyan was blessed with the charan sparsh of Mananeeya Balakrishnanji, the Vice president of Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Vivekananda Kendra. Mananeeya Balakrishnanji was accompanied by Sri. Rupesh Mathur ji,Joint secretary of VKVAPT and Prant sangathak of Arunachal Prant and Sri. Rajan Gananathar, an Architect.

Mananeeya Balakrishnanji along with Rupesh ji and Sri. Rajan Gananathar arrived in VKV Oyan at 1.30 PM. Teachers and Students received them all with Tilak, Bouquet and Gamusha. The moment Man. Balakrishnanji meet us he started sharing his old memories of VKV Oyan with full joy and enthusisasm. A high level of satisfaction and happiness was seen in his face coming back to his old home.

After Lunch , Man. Balakrishnanji and Rupesh ji visited the boys hostel, Mess, Football ground and staff quarters. After his campus visit, there was a meeting with the teachers. Man. Balakrishnanji put forth 6 points to be a good teacher. They were:

1. Love for the country 2. Teaching of Sanskar 3. Character Building 4. Seva Bhava 5. Work as Worship 6. Love towards Environment

After the meeting, there was band display by the boys of VKV Oyan in honour of Man. Balakarishnanji. Man. Balakrishnanji and Rupesh ji appreciated the band display and encouraged the spirit of the students. Then we all had photo session with Man. Balakrishnanji and Rupesh ji. The moment Man. Balakrishnanji entered VKV Oyan and the time upto which he was present , there was a powerful vibration felt in the whole campus. The whole campus could feel the sacred energy of Man. Balkrishnanji . Though Man. Balakrishnanji could not spend more time with us, but we all were very fortunate to be blessed by his presence and energetic words. Man. Balakrishnanji and Rupesh ji left the campus at 3.30 pm.


International Yoga Day was celebrated with full spirit and joy in Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Oyan. In the morning, at 5.30 am there was Mass Yoga session of 1hr for the teachers, Students and Villagers. A formal programme was conducted during School Hours at 9.00 am. Sri. Tapong Sitang, Principal, Govt. Hr. Secondary School, Sille was the chief Guest of the event. Dr. Oson Borang, Medical Officer, Sille Medical was the Special Invite. The International Yoga Day was organized at school in collaboration with Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Bureau of Outreach and Communication, Pasighat Unit. Sri. M.K. Jha,Field Publicity officer,FOB,Pasighat Unit and his team supported the event with programme activities like Awareness Rally and Yoga Quiz. Students of Govt. Middle School, Oyan and G.N.A  English Medium school were invited to witness and participate in the Yoga Day Celebration. Parents of VKV Oyan too came to witness the event.

A sum of 60 students comprising of both Boys and Girl students of VKV Oyan demonstrated Surya Namaskar, Various asanas of Yoga and Pyramids formation showing the strength of Yoga and the flexibility attained on doing it.

Sri. Arun Kumar Pandey, Teacher VKV Oyan cum Yoga Trainer and Sri. M.K Jha, Field Publicity Officer, Bureau of Outreach and Communication, Pasighat Unit delivered speech on the importance of Yoga and Significance of Yoga Day. Sri. Arun Kr. Pandey was the overall In-charge of the International Yoga Day celebration.

The main events conducted were:

  1. Mass Yoga by Students, Teachers and Villagers.
  2. Speech on importance of Yoga day celebration and Significance of Yoga in today’s world.
  3. Surya Namaskar and Yoga demonstration by 60 trained Boys and Girls.
  4. Awareness Rally by Students and Teachers
  5. Yoga practice session for Students of Govt. Middle School, Oyan and G.N.A English medium school, Oyan.
  6. Quiz on Yoga

A sum of total 400 participants that included Students, Teachers, Parents and Villagers participated in the event.

Matri puja was performed in the school on 14th February at 10 am.
Sri P. Ajaya Kumar (Principal) highlighted the importance of the day.
Sri Bhisma Arjel(Sanskrit Teacher) carried out the proceedings of Puja. 
Some students & parents also shared their feeling & experience on the occasion. 
Over all the Puja was celebrated with great enthusiasm. 
Total parents attended the puja-70
Numbers of mothers attend the puja-34
Number of students attended the puja-36
Please see the photos attached

National youth Day celebration

National youth Day was celebrated in the school today to mark the birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.

Sri Kabit Apang (Addl. Deputy Commissioner Ruksin) graced the occasion as  Chief Guest.

While speaking to the gathering he praised the Nobel deeds of VKVs in the development of Arunachal Pradesh.

Total number of participants:

Parents 250

Students & Staff 320

Mathmatics Day Celebrated - VKV Oyan

Occasion of Mathematics day, Sri. Srinivasan Ramanujan birthday, a mathematics exhibition and a quiz program were conducted in the school.

More than 80 items were put for exhibition and selected 20 students from class VI to X participated in the Quiz program.