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Universal Brotherhood Day Celebrated - VKV Raga

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Raga celebrated the Universal Brotherhood Day on 11th Sept, 2020 in an informal way this year. Due to the pandemic, we could not keep any formal programme for the public as we did not get permission from the District Administration.

We all Staff, Teaching, Non – Teaching and their family members attended the Online Webinar organised by Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation from 10 am to 11:30 am.

 Then we all were graced by the auspicious visit of Mananeeya Rupeshji and Sri Pema Norbu Thongchiji with two of our Alumni. After lunch, we had an interaction and discussion session with Rupeshji and Thongchiji on the Topic, 'Message of Universal Brotherhood as mentioned in the letter by Mananeeya Nivedita Didi.'  We all were asked to share at least two points that we found while reading the letter. Some of the points shared by the staff are as follows:

  1. Our Sanatana approach is Inclusive, while the approach of the Western world is Exclusive.
  2. We beleived in the universal co – existence of all in the universe but the Christian and the Islamic worlds believed in their exclusive existence only. This has created bloodshed and fight among the humanity.
  3. Universal Brotherhood does not mean rejection of the others, but we have to shed light on the truth and bring them to the mainstream, 'Assimilation and not rejection' as Swami Vivekananda says.
  4. The World Parliament of Religions was organised to proclaim the Superiority of Christianity over all other Religions but Swami Vivekananda's message made that effort futile. The world had to accept the Universal Tolerance of the Sanatana Dharma.
  5. Conversion brings dissentions and not Brotherhood.
  6. The Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari is a perfect example of Universal Brotherhood as envisaged by Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade.

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration

VKV Raga celebrated the Great festival of SreeKrishna Janmashtami with much enthusiasm and fervour amid the pandemic.
The festival of Janmaashtami was celebrated by the staff with family members on the 12th of August, 2020. The parents of our students came to collect their progress reports and do re admission of the wards during the day. So the festival celebration was planned in the evening.
All the staff members gathered in front of the Shiva Temple at 6 pm. First the programme of Dahi Haandi breaking was conducted in which the participants were the sons of our staff Sri Trilochan and Sri Raju Mishra. Afer that, a Bhajan and Kirtan Session was organised inside the temple. All staff members sang one bhajan each including Assamese Naam by Su. Rashmi Rekha Das. The programme was concluded with the Kendra Prarthana at 7:30 pm. Prasadam was distributed at the end of the programme.


Rakshabandhan celebration and Shiv Puja Conducted

This year, the celebration of Rakshabandhan (on 3/8/20) was done in a different way. Every year, teachers used to escort groups of students outside. They used to visit govt. Offices, bazaars, general public etc and used to tie Rakhis to them. But due to the Corona Pandemic, our Raga town is in lockdown upto 4th August. However, the present staff celebrated the festival with as much gaiety and happiness as before.

Today (that is 3rd of Aug. 2020) being the last Monday of the Holy month of Shravana and also Poornima (Shravana Purnima or Rakshabandhan), it was decided by all the staff that we should perform a Shiv Puja. So, before the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, we conducted the said puja.

  • All staff members took to fasting till the Puja was over. All materials were arranged for Shiv – Puja. Sri Raju Mishra, Junior Teacher of the school conducted the puja and did it with all formalities and tradition. The atmosphere was very pious and calm. For the Prasad and other materials needed for the puja, the staff members arranged themselves. It was a very enlivening to see the atmosphere choked with fresh dhoop and fragrance. Due to lockdown of whole Raga town, we couldn’t call or invite any of our students and parents. So the programme was attended by all 13 staff members and some family members. The puja was concluded around 12 noon.
  • After the Shiv Puja, we celebrated the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Sri Om Prakash Upadhyaya anchored the programme. First of all, Sri Prabhakar KG highlighted the importance of the day. He narrated some events from our epics and history behind the legend of Raksha Bandhan and how this festival has wider meaning now. He said that it is the duty of human beings not only to protect each other, but also the plants, animals, birds, other creatures of nature etc.

Smti Seema Mishra tied the Rakhi to Swamiji first. Then all three didis tied rakhis to all brothers. The brothers also tied to each other.   The bond of love and protection of each other became more vibrant.

The most important aspect of the celebration was tying of Rakhis to the trees and plants inside school premises. The principal Sri Trilochan Goutam first tied Raksha Sutra to a tree. Then other teachers did the same to other trees and promised to protect the nature so that the ecological balance is maintained for the sustenance of human life on earth.

A bhajan /Kirtan programme was also organised at 6 pm in which all teachers and family members sang bhajans/kirtans and concluded with Shiv Aarati and Kendra Prarthana.

A Report of Vasant Panchami Celebration 2020

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Raga celebrated the festival of Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja with much fervour and enthusiasm. To mark the occasion, following were conducted:

  1. The programme started at 10 am positively. The importance of the Day was highlighted by Sri Abhishek Tiwari. He told the mythology the celebration of Saraswati Puja and its importance in the life of students.
  2. The Puja was performed by Sri Kailash Tiadi. He led the mantras and followed by the students and the teachers.
  3. Then followed the Saraswati Bhajans by Students.
  4. Finally, Saraswati Mata Aarati was sung led by Sri Abhishek Tiwari and followed. Tika was put on the foreheads of all.
  5. To conclude the celebration, finally Principal addressed the students and blessed all. He motivated the students to make a promise to themselves that from that day onwards, they will concentrate all their attention in their studies. He specially wished best of luck to the students of classes V & VIII who are going to appear in the APSB Examination w. e. f. 12th
  6. Then Prasadam (Porridge, prepared by Bhaiya) was served to all. Children looked happy and satisfied.

A Report of Republic Day Celebration

VKV Raga celebrated 71st Republic Day in a befitting manner. A total of three programmes were conducted to mark the important National Festival:

  1. Prabhat Pherry: A prabhat pherry was started exactly at 6:30 am from school to Yada Market and back to school again. All students from classes III – VIII took part in the procession.
  2. Unfurling of Tricolour at School: After the procession was over and the students returned to school, the Tricolour was unfurled by the school Principal Sri Trilochan Goutam in front of the Prayer Hall at 7:00 am followed by National Anthem. He also gave a short speech. He spoke about the sacrifice made by our freedom fighters and revolutionaries for gaining freedom from the alien rule. He further highlighted the efforts of the Constituent Assembly headed by Sri BR Ambedkar in preparing the Constitution. He asked the students to do something for the Mother India so that they can bring fame and glory to their parents, society, state as well as for the nation. Sweets were distributed to all.
  3. Participation at General Programme: The school also participated in the General Programme organised by the District Administration. A total of five groups of students took active participation:
  • Band Troup: Boys
  • March Past Troup : Boys
  • March Past Troup: Girls
  • PT Display: Boys and Girls
  • Science Exhibition: By VI – VIII Students

The DC, Kamle, Sri Moki Loyi was the chief guest while other important officials like SP, DDSE, HoDs of different deptts etc. were also present.