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Gandhi Jayanthi & Global Gandhi Solar Yatra Conducted - VKV Raga


Venue and date of the Programme

Swachhata hi Sewa at Raga Bazaar & Yada Ground

Gandhi Global Solar Yatra (GGSY) at School

Significance of the day told by

Sri Om Prakash Upadhyay

Name of the Chief Guest


Dr. Kapu Sopin

Senior Medical Officer, CHC Raga

Highlights of his Speech (point wise)

Importance of Cleanliness, Harmful effects of single use plastic, Development of Raga township, making good human being, Save environment, Importance of solar energy etc.

Commitment of any made by him / given

Promised to give help to the school whenever required. Distributed toffees to the children.

Attendance Details







Well wishers







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Family members of the staff








Few feedbacks from students / parents / Chief Guests / Well-wishers

Chief guest motivated and thanked for conducting such inspiring programs for the students. The parents and students provided feedback. 

Write a few lines of the unique feature, if any, of the programme

Ø  VI – VIII participated in District Program.

Ø  MLA praised VKVs for attending such programs with full devotion and sincerity.

Ø  Exhibition of solar study lamps prepared by the students.

Ø  Parents were very happy to see theirs wards.

Universal Brotherhood Day Celebration - VKV Raga

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Raga celebrated Universal Brotherhood Day 2019 in a different way today. Usually, every year we used to conduct a cultural programme and parents were invited to witness it; but this year we decided to celebrate in a completely different way.

The students were called as usual in school time. After morning assembly, we took out a procession from the school upto the Raga Main Bazaar. Students raised slogans quoting Swamiji’s thoughts, Bharat Mata Ki Jai, etc. A boy of Class VIII acted as Swami Vivekananda while another Girl acted as Bharat Mata. A vehicle with the posters of Swamiji and Bharat Mata was decorated with banner and flowers. The students sat on it posing as described. The atmosphere echoed with the slogans and the school song, ‘Desh Hame Deta Hai Sab Kuch..’

The procession reached the market at 11 O’ clock. All the students were assembled in rows. We had given a permission letter to the DC and copies to Police Station and Bazaar Secretary. So all the shopkeepers were informed in advance of our programme. We invited them all. They came out of their shops and watched our programme till the end. Some students of the Govt. Middle School Raga Town also came to witness the celebration. First Sri VP Mishra spoke at length highlighting the importance and significance of the of the day. Then Kr. Maga Mega, VIII gave a glimpse of the world famous Chicago Address. The Principal then spoke on the golden jubilee celebration of Vivekananda Rock Memorial under the theme ‘Ek Bharat Vijayi Bharat.’ He also informed that the door to door Sampark Abhiyan has already started and each and every house would be visited by Karyakartas. It was nice to see all people listening with rapt attention. Finally, the School song was sung led by VIII Girls and followed by all. The programme was concluded with Shanti Mantra.

Parents Meeting Conducted - VKV Raga

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Raga conducted the Second Parents’ Meet for the parents of Classes I – III today, i. e, 31.08.2019. The meeting started at 11: 15 am and continued up to 1: 30 pm. The meeting started with three Omkaras and Om Sahanavavatu led by Class VIII girls and followed by all. Following are the main developments:

  1. First of all, the School Song ‘DESH HAME DETA HAI SAB KUCHH....’ was led by Class VIII girls and followed by all.
  2. The welcome address was given by Sri Sanju Gurung in which he expressed his gratitude and welcomed all to the meeting. The number of parents present was more than expected. He also thanked Sri Lonkey Akenji, Chairperson, SSG.
  3. Then followed self introduction by all the teachers in which they told their names, year of joining VKV and the subjects handled. All teachers were present except Sri Lokiodor Taye and Su. Rashmi Rekha Das, who have gone to VKV Yazali escorting participants of Eknathji Memorial Football and Volleyball Tournament 2019.
  4. The class teachers of classes I to III presented the result analysis of their respective classes in which they focussed on the top achievers as well as the slow learners whose performance need improvement. They also requested the parents to send their children with neat and clean uniform daily. The parents were also requested to send the children daily so that the number of absenteeism can be reduced. If any child is sick at home and undergoing treatment, then the information has to be passed to the school authority immediately.
  5. Then it was the turn of parents to provide their feedback and suggestions so that the school can take up initiatives to improve the overall academic atmosphere of the school. Some of the main points are:
  • The school should inform the parents immediately if any child is sick after coming to school.
  • Some parents are busy in games like Housies and Lotteries and do not take care of their school going children. The concerned parent requested the others to pay attention at least during morning and evening so that their study can be monitored. Parents have to cooperate 100% with the school if they want their children to become good in studies.
  • The parents are very much concerned regarding unavailability of textbooks in the market. So the school authority was requested to arrange for the supply for books to the students. The principal should request the administrative office to solve this problem.
  • Since many students are coming from far off areas like Dokum, so the school should have bus facility for such children. Children suffer much during the rainy and cold winter season. They are unable to reach school in time.
  • Some remedial classes should be conducted for the slow learners.
  1. Sri Lonkey Aken, SSG Chairperson, then spoke at length regarding the school functioning and the role and contribution of parents:
  • Many parents think that the Hostel owned by Sri Rotom Tuluk is VKV Raga Hostel. He made it clear that it is completely Private and has no connection with the school. So the parents who have kept their wards in that hostel must talk to the Hostel owner either for supply of books or the vehicle facility.
  • He appealed the parents to drop their children up to the school premises and then go to their respective works. Many children disappear from the way and do not come to school. They fall into bad habits. It is the prime responsibility of the parents to ensure that their child has reached school or not.
  • If any parent is willing to start vehicle facility for VKV students coming from far – off places, it is welcome. He can manage it privately. However, he assured them that he will request school authority to talk to the administrative office regarding this.
  1. Finally the school principal replied to the queries and suggestions put forward by the parents:
  • Parents must come to school once a month to see the child’s progress. They must ensure to create a study atmosphere in their houses so that the child can study properly. They should also check the books, notebooks and bags of their children regularly.
  • Remedial classes have been started in the afternoon and on Holidays for the slow learners. But it has been observed that only the good students come. So he requested the parents to send their children to these remedial classes.
  • Many children come without taking proper and balanced breakfast. Cases of headache, stomach pain, vomiting are often seen during class hours. So the parents were requested to send their children with sufficient homemade breakfast so that they can stay upto class hours without any problem.
  • Parents were also requested to purchase the right type of notebooks, especially for classes I – V. For example, 4 – Line notebooks for English and Envs, Double – line for Hindi and Squared notebooks for Maths, so that the handwriting can be improved from the very base.
  • The school has requested the DC and DDSE for supply of Textbooks to the students. If the books are received, then all children will be given the complete set of textbooks.
  • The school does not have a vehicle facility. So the parents of those students coming from far off places have to drop their children upto the school.
  1. The vote of thanks was given by the Principal at last. He expressed his happiness for the unexpected presence of the parents in the meeting and hoped that they would show the same enthusiasm in the parents’ meet in future.
  2. The meeting was concluded with Shantimantra at 1: 30 pm.
  3. After this, parents were provided with tea and snacks.
  4. The result of First Written Test was shown to the parents and their signatures were taken in the progress reports by the respective class teachers.

Sree Krishna Janmashtami  Celebrations - VKV Raga

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Raga celebrated the festival of Sreekrishna Janmashtami with much fervour and enthusiasm. To mark the occasion, following were conducted:

  1. The programme started at 10 am positively. The importance of the Day was highlighted by Sri Abhishek Tiwari. He told the biography of Lord Krishna and how he was saved from the clutches of the demons and ill-willed Maternal Uncle Kamsa. The teachings of the Gita given to Arjuna and its importance in the modern world was also focussed.
  2. The Puja was performed by Sri Kailash Tiadi. He led the mantras and followed by the students and the teachers. 51 names of Lord Krishna were also chanted.
  3. Then followed the Srikrishna bhajan competition conducted House-wise. Four bhajans were presented by four houses.
  4. Students of Classes IV & V posed as Little Krishna and Beautiful Radha dressed in colourful dresses and garlands. They were looking attractive and lovely. Judges were also there to judge which house can perform the best.
  5. Finally, Srikrishna Aarati was sung together by all to conclude the Puja. Tika was put on the foreheads of all.
  6. Then Prasadam (Porridge, prepared by Bhaiya) was served to all. Children looked happy and satisfied.

 Raksha Bandhan Celebration - VKV Raga

The most important festival of sisters and brothers in particular, Raksha Bandhan, was celebrated by our school on 16th August 2019. Though, as per Activity Calendar, the festival falls on Independence Day, we could not observe on the same day due to Independence day programme as our students and teachers were busy in General Programme up to 2 pm.

A total of two programmes were conducted to mark Raksha Bandhan.

  1. Celebration at School: Rakhis were prepared from woollen and silk threads by the girls of classes VI – VIII. There was usual celebration inside the prayer hall of the school. Sri VP Mishra spoke on the importance of the Day and how the festival brings love and prosperity to all. All girls tied Rakhis to teachers, the boys and vice versa.
  2. Celebration at Public Places: The girls of Classes VII & VIII were divided into three groups and they were taken to three important public places to tie Rakhis to people outside:
  • First group led by Sri Sanju Gurung, Sri Om Prakash and Su. Rashmi Rekha Das visited the offices of DDSE, GHSS and neighbouring govt buildings.
  • Second group led by Sri Lokiodor Taye, Sri Durga Bahadur Sonar and Su. Madhuri Baitha visited the govt offices of the DC and neighbouring areas.
  • Third Group led by Sri Kailash Tiadi, Sri Abhishek Tiwari and Smti Priyanka Tiwari visited the bazaar and tied Rakhis to all shopkeepers.