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Sree Krishna Janmashtami  Celebrations - VKV Raga

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Raga celebrated the festival of Sreekrishna Janmashtami with much fervour and enthusiasm. To mark the occasion, following were conducted:

  1. The programme started at 10 am positively. The importance of the Day was highlighted by Sri Abhishek Tiwari. He told the biography of Lord Krishna and how he was saved from the clutches of the demons and ill-willed Maternal Uncle Kamsa. The teachings of the Gita given to Arjuna and its importance in the modern world was also focussed.
  2. The Puja was performed by Sri Kailash Tiadi. He led the mantras and followed by the students and the teachers. 51 names of Lord Krishna were also chanted.
  3. Then followed the Srikrishna bhajan competition conducted House-wise. Four bhajans were presented by four houses.
  4. Students of Classes IV & V posed as Little Krishna and Beautiful Radha dressed in colourful dresses and garlands. They were looking attractive and lovely. Judges were also there to judge which house can perform the best.
  5. Finally, Srikrishna Aarati was sung together by all to conclude the Puja. Tika was put on the foreheads of all.
  6. Then Prasadam (Porridge, prepared by Bhaiya) was served to all. Children looked happy and satisfied.

 Raksha Bandhan Celebration - VKV Raga

The most important festival of sisters and brothers in particular, Raksha Bandhan, was celebrated by our school on 16th August 2019. Though, as per Activity Calendar, the festival falls on Independence Day, we could not observe on the same day due to Independence day programme as our students and teachers were busy in General Programme up to 2 pm.

A total of two programmes were conducted to mark Raksha Bandhan.

  1. Celebration at School: Rakhis were prepared from woollen and silk threads by the girls of classes VI – VIII. There was usual celebration inside the prayer hall of the school. Sri VP Mishra spoke on the importance of the Day and how the festival brings love and prosperity to all. All girls tied Rakhis to teachers, the boys and vice versa.
  2. Celebration at Public Places: The girls of Classes VII & VIII were divided into three groups and they were taken to three important public places to tie Rakhis to people outside:
  • First group led by Sri Sanju Gurung, Sri Om Prakash and Su. Rashmi Rekha Das visited the offices of DDSE, GHSS and neighbouring govt buildings.
  • Second group led by Sri Lokiodor Taye, Sri Durga Bahadur Sonar and Su. Madhuri Baitha visited the govt offices of the DC and neighbouring areas.
  • Third Group led by Sri Kailash Tiadi, Sri Abhishek Tiwari and Smti Priyanka Tiwari visited the bazaar and tied Rakhis to all shopkeepers.

Independence Day Celebration - VKV Raga

Our school VKV Raga celebrated 73rd Independence Day in a befitting manner. A total of three programmes were conducted to mark the most important National Festival:

  1. Prabhat Pherry: A prabhat pherry was started exactly at 6:00 am from school to Yada Market to DC Office Tinali and back to school again. All students from classes III – VIII took participation in the procession. The main In charge of the procession was Sri Sanju Gurung.
  2. Unfurl of Tricolour at School: After the procession was over and the students returned to school, the Tricolour was unfurled by the school Principal Sri Trilochan Goutam in front of the Prayer Hall at 7:00 am followed by National Anthem. He also gave a short speech. He spoke about the sacrifice made by our freedom fighters and revolutionaries for gaining freedom from the alien rule. He asked the students to do something for the Mother India so that they can bring fame and glory to their parents, society, state as well as for the nation. Sweets were distributed to all.
  3. Participation at General Programme: The school also participated in the General Programme organised by the District Administration. A total of five groups of students took active participation:
  • Band Troup: Boys
  • March Past Troup : Boys
  • March Past Troup: Girls
  • Patriotic Dance Troup: Girls
  • PT Display: Boys and Girls

Sri Tarin Dakpe, Honourable MLA, 25th Assembly Constituency, Raga was the chief Guest on the occasion, while many other important officials like DC, Kamle, Sri Moki Loyi and SP Kamle were also present.

Medical Health Check Up Camp Conducted - VKV Raga

A Medical Health check up camp was organised in our school with the help of Physical Health Centre (PHC), Raga  and Rashtriya Bal Swashthya Karyakram (RBSK) Team led by Dr. Kapu Sopin, Senior Medical Officer, PHC Raga. The camp was conducted to spread awareness regarding Japanese Encephalitis (JE), Diseases spread by Mosquito bite and to immunize children of 10 – 12 years age with TT Vaccine.

A team of 5 medical staff arrived at the school before morning assembly at 8:15 am. Dr. Sopin spoke on the symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis and how can we protect us from this deadly ailment. He asked students to protect themselves from mosquito bites, not to eat pork and Broiler meat, especially during the summer. He also exhorted them to tell their parents to keep the surroundings clean and stop having stagnated water nearby houses.

The attendance of students having minor problems examined and the vaccine details are as follows:

The camp started after assembly at 9:00 am and was concluded at 11:00 am. Some first aid items were also handed over to the school by the medical team.

Annual School Level Science Seminar Conducted - VKV Raga

VKV Raga conducted the Annual School Level Science Seminar on 16th July 2019 in which a total of 09 students participated. 

Topic: Industrial Revolution 4.0

Though the Topic chosen for this year is: Periodic Table of Chemical Elements: Impact on Human Welfare, we conducted it on the same topic because of two reasons:

The topic is out of syllabus for classes VI – VIII. So our students could not prepare on  it.

The district administration does not allow the middle schools to participate in the District Level Science Seminar. So we let our students prepare on the same topic as last year’s.

The seminar was very fruitful and effective. The remaining students of classes VI – VIII sat as audience and asked questions to the participants, besides the judges.  During his speech, Principal asked some questions regarding the Topic to the audience, which they readily answered. That showed that the audience also learnt something from the seminar.

I hope that our students will definitely bring good outcome in the future.