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Parents Meet Conducted - VKV Raga

Parents, Teachers and Students make up the triangular process of teaching learning process. From the very beginning of this academic Session, we have been laying stress on maximum involvement of Parents in the academic meetings conducted in the school so that necessary planning can be done for improvement of performance.

Hence, the third Parents’ Meeting of the session 2019-20 was conducted today after 4th period. The meeting was conducted for selected parents of classes I – VIII, whose wards are slow learners and could not score required Grades in order to pass the First Term Examination. A total of 31 parents attended the meeting for 40 students; total parents invited were 42. The meeting was conducted informally in the respective classrooms of Classes I – VIII.

Classes were conducted upto the 4th period, i. e., upto 11: 50 am. Then the meeting started from 12 noon onwards and went upto 1: 15 pm. Each class teacher interacted with the parents of the respective students. An OPEN HOUSE was also kept and the parents went through the answer sheets of their wards. They discussed about the steps to be taken to improve the performance. The main points discussed are as follows:

  1. The selected students are often absent and come to school irregularly. Parents were requested to send them regularly and monitor their studies at home.
  2. All parents were requested to go through the OPEN HOUSE, i. e., through the answer scripts of their children. They all observed the errors committed by their wards in the exams. Parents were requested to provide suitable study environment at homes.
  3. Some parents requested the school authority to keep remedial classes on Sundays which was readily accepted by all. Parents said that they would send their children to school on Sundays and other holidays. It was decided by the school that 2 hours from 10 am to 12 noon will be kept as remedial class time on Sundays and Holidays to give extra coaching to the selected slow learners, though the same was also done before the first term exam. But it has been found that the selected students do not come to these classes. The parents promised that they would themselves bring their children to these remedial classes whenever called.
  4. Matters of indiscipline by some students was also discussed with their parents, like late for school, disappearing from half way, improper haircut and dress code etc.
  5. Some parents again pointed out the unavailability of textbooks and requested the school authority to arrange for the same. The matter was also discussed in detail. The DC and DDSE, Raga have been asked for help in this regard. It has been expected that the problem will be solved from the next academic session.