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National Youth Day Celebrated - VKV Raga

VKVs are known in the country for their man – making and nation – building education. A variety of programmes, academic and non – academic form the core of educational structure of the Vidyalayas. One of the most important celebrations of the schools is the Samartha Bharat Parva that culminates with Swami Vivekananda Jayanti.

VKV Raga celebrated the event in a magnetic way. Following are the details of these celebrations:

  1. Samarth Bharat Parva: The Parva started from 25th Dec 2019. Though it was a holiday, all the teaching staff along with family members, organised a flowers offering programme on the feet of Bharat Mata. Then after evening prayer, a Swadhyay was conducted for the teaching staff on the topic “Contribution of India to the World” by the Principal Sri Trilochan Goutam. Some of the points discussed in the Swadhyay are the following contributions of India to the World:
  • Concept of Zero to mathematical calculations.
  • Ayurveda and Yoga.
  • The first University of the world: Takshashila Viswavidyalaya
  • The games of Chess and Snakes and Ladders etc.
  • Formulae and identities of Trigonometry.

Then, from the next day onwards, that is 26th Dec, 2019 the students of classes VI – VIII presented seminars on the various topics related to India’s contribution to the world. The seminar presentation was House wise. So a total of 8 papers were presented in the morning assembly. Besides this, the students of classes IV – V presented poem recitation in the assembly. The poems were all written by Indian poets only. And, in this celebration, the teachers too participated. They spoke on the topics like Contributions of Eminent Personalities such as Freedom Fighter, Scientists, social activists etc. The 18 – days long celebration of the Parva was very fruitful and full of wisdom. The celebration culminated with Swami Vivekananda Jayanti on 12 Jan 2020.

  1. Swami Vivekananda Jayanti cum National Youth Day: Swami Vivekananda Jayanti was celebrated in an even more enthusiastic and befitting way by the school. Week long preparations were carried out to make the celebration perfect. A total of two special programmes were conducted:
  • General Exhibition: As suggested by Sri S. Muralidharan Sir, we conducted a General Exhibition on various topics like English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Games and Sports, Disaster Management, etc. The models and charts were prepared by the students of classes IV – VIII. It was very attractive for the parents and the Chief Guest. They were very happy to see it and praised the works of our students.
  • Talent Show: After the general exhibition was over, a talent show was presented by the tiny kids of Classes I – III. The talent show started with the welcome song, “ Desh Hame Deta Hai Sab Kuchh, Hum Bhi To kuchh Dena Sikhen...” and concluded with the Bharat Mata Arati. The show was very much liked by the parents as their small kids acted in Ganesha Dance, Fancy Dress Display, Mime, Rhymes, Action Songs, Local Traditional Dance, GK Presentation, etc.  The talent show went on for more than 2 hours but the parents and well wishers were not contented. They wished that more and more such programmes by kids should be conducted frequently by the school.

The celebration was very successful and encouraging to our children. The Chief Guest was Sri C. Chukhu, APCS, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Kamle District. He was very happy to be a part of the celebration as he joined office on Dec. 2 2019. In his short speech, he exhorted the children to go for more and more such activities. Quoting Swamiji’s thought, ‘Each soul is potentially divine,’ he said that the work of teachers and parents is to create such environment so that they can manifest this divinity.  He also related some incidents from his student life and told how he faced obstacles in getting good education during those days when good schools and colleges were not available at that time. Praising the work of VKVs in the state, he advised the parents to extend full support and cooperation to the school in times of need. Not only that, he expressed unhappiness at the way Raga public keep the town and its surroundings. He said that the Town area is dirty and needs to be cleaned by the residents from time to time. He also interacted with the teaching staff and said that whatever help the school needs from the administration, he would be happy to render.